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Ohio driver survives crushing accident with truck

The driver of a Chevrolet Cruze was lucky to walk away from a horrifying accident on Ohio's Interstate 70 near Bethel Township.

It seemed like everyone was amazed that the driver had no serious injuries. The local fire department even posted photos of the accident online. In the photos, it's clear that the Chevy was pinned between one side of a semitruck and a cement highway barrier. The entire front end of the car appears to be crushed against the truck, with its back end is high in the air.

You're at risk on Ohio roadways due to electronic device usage

Driving in Ohio is definitely more challenging in 2019 than it might have been 50 years ago. Posted speed limits are much higher than they were back then, and you've likely noticed a substantial increase in the number of cars on the road at any given time. Whether you're a new driver or have been behind the wheel for decades, you're at risk for injury every time you travel by motor vehicle.

Certain situations, however, greatly increase your chances of becoming involved in a collision and possibly suffering personal injury. Distracted driving is problematic in this state and most others. It doesn't matter how alert and cautious you are, if a nearby driver is texting or otherwise not paying attention to the task at hand, you may be the one to suffer if he or she crashes into your vehicle. Using electronic devices while driving is dangerous and against the law in many states.

Woman dies after falling down subway stairs with baby stroller

When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed in Ohio, the result depends on whether the person died because of negligence. A recent example focuses on a woman who came to an early death because she fell down the stairs in a Manhattan subway station. The woman was struggling with a baby carriage because the subway station did not have an elevator. Consequently, she had to struggle as she tried to transport the stroller. Statistics show that hundreds of subways located in New York City do not install elevators as alternatives to stairways.

According to the New York Times, the woman fell at night in a subway station located in Manhattan. She was already unconscious when the ambulance arrived. Her baby girl was still conscious and was transported to the home of her grandparents.

Do pit bulls just get a bad rap?

If you spend any time at all on forums involving dog lovers, you're bound to encounter discussions about pit bulls. Many dog lovers -- and owners -- say that pit bulls get a bad rap.

Those who say that pit bulls are just suffering from a public relations problem will usually tell you that, "It's not the dog. It's the owner."

Green Springs nursing home being scrutinized for quality issues

How much "quality of care" can a nursing home be providing residents if it isn't paying its utility bills and isn't doing the basics to keep its residents safe from assault by other residents?

That's the question that Ohio officials are asking after issues with the Eden Springs nursing home in Green Springs came to the attention of investigative reporters. Initially, the investigation started after a local musician complained that he wasn't paid a simple $125 fee after being asked to perform at the home. What the investigative team discovered, however, led to a lot more questions -- including some from the state's Department of Aging.

Take care, Ohio residents, on those snowy roads!

Northeast Ohio has been hit pretty hard so far in 2019 with some capricious weather. Residents have been dealing with a wild mixture of sleet, freezing rain, heavy snows and bitterly cold temperatures that get followed almost immediately by sudden warm snaps -- only to start the cycle all over again.

That means that driving is especially hazardous right now. With that in mind, we want to remind everyone of the rules for driving in Northeast Ohio in the winter:

More professionals required to report elder abuse

Many people in Ohio may have serious concerns about placing their parents or other elderly loved ones in a nursing home due to the potential for abuse. This is of particular concern as elder abuse often goes unreported, even after people see evidence that older people are being mistreated or neglected. In September 2018, state law changed to require many more groups of people to report elder abuse if they witness suspicious incidents. Among those required to report abuse include lawyers, physicians, counselors and employees of nursing homes and hospitals. However, ambulance drivers, accountants, real estate brokers, bank employees and financial planners are now also required to report abuse.

Many of the professions now required to report are linked to the financial sector because older Americans are often targeted for financial scams that may wipe their accounts dry, leaving them further susceptible to abuse. If people in these jobs fail to report evidence of elder abuse, they could face $500 fines and criminal charges. While financial abuse is the most common type of mistreatment, physical and sexual abuse continue to pose a serious threat to the growing elder population.

Medical workers accused of giving woman lethal dose of painkiller

A doctor, pharmacist and nurse in a Columbus, Ohio, hospital stand accused of giving a fatal dose of fentanyl, a narcotic painkiller more potent than morphine, to an elderly woman in order to hasten her death. According to allegations made in a wrongful death lawsuit -- and admissions by the hospital -- that patient may have been one of 26 patients total that were given excessive doses of the drug as they lay dying.

The wrongful death claim filed by the survivors of a 79-year-old patient who died on Dec. 11, 2017. With her condition terminal, her family had requested no more life-saving measures and wanted nothing more than "comfort care." However, they allege that the doctor ordered a 1,000 microgram dose to be administered through the woman's IV line -- an amount that has been called "grossly inappropriate and excessive."

The duty of a nursing home to prevent patient falls

One common reason why families place their loved ones in nursing homes is for their own protection. Elderly parents may become forgetful or confused. They may be unable to cook for themselves, forget to take their medicine or neglect their own hygiene. Your parents may fit this description. Additionally, many older parents become unsteady and require the kind of attention and care you cannot provide because of your own obligations.

If you chose an Ohio nursing facility after your loved one suffered injuries in a fall at home, you may have been shocked to see injuries on your parent from a fall after you moved him or her to the nursing home. Falls that result in a bruise or bump at a younger age can be devastating to older individuals, and nursing homes have an important duty to protect your parent from such falls.

Understand your rights after a close relative's wrongful death

If you've lost a close relative due to the negligence of another party, you may be able to file a claim under Ohio's wrongful death laws. You may also be able to file what's known as a survival action on the behalf of the deceased.

Below is what you need to understand about these two distinctly different claims.


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