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Proving that you were victim to a distracted driving car crash

When involved in a car accident that led to damages, it is important to establish who was to blame. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries, you will want to have access to the best possible health care. This can be possible through a successful compensation claim. However, in order to successfully gain compensation, you must show that the other driver caused the accident.

Distracted driving is often a cause of car crashes, and it is common for car crash victims to cite this as what the other party was guilty of. Perhaps they saw them looking down at their phone immediately before the crash occurred, or they noticed that they had turned around to engage with a passenger in the back seat. Distracted driving is never really excusable, but you as the car crash victim must prove that this was the cause in order to be successful.

Reasons why construction accidents happen in Ohio

The construction industry is an important one for the Ohio economy. It is also a very dangerous industry in which to work. Even the most experienced construction workers can find themselves injured in an accident on the job. These accidents can typically be avoided, especially if the construction site has safety policies and procedures in place to protect employees. We will examine some of the reasons why construction accidents occur in Cleveland.

How to stay safer on your motorcycle

For motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing feels as good as the wind on your face as you ride down the open road. There is an unparalleled sense of freedom you experience on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, that freedom also includes danger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found motorcycle accidents are 27 times more likely to result in death, compared to other motor vehicle accidents.

Protecting nursing home residents from psychological abuse

When a loved one is residing in a nursing home, it is probable that you will be feeling protective over them, and you will want to know that they are being looked after to the highest degree. While signs of physical abuse may be easy to recognize, for example when bruises are discovered on the patient's body, signs of emotional and psychological abuse can be much more difficult to spot.

Keeping children safe around strange dogs in Cleveland

There is a big difference between owning a dog and encountering a dog out in public. You might have trained your dog and it behaves like it should, but you never know how well-trained other dogs are that you encounter. That's why it's best to always teach your children how to properly approach dogs they meet outside the home. Follow these tips and your children should be safe when they meet a new dog.

Always have your children ask the owner of a dog if they can pet it. You never know if the dog is friendly or not. Dogs might look friendly, but they very well could have trouble adjusting to the energy of a child. When you ask first, you can help prevent injuries from dog bites. Be sure your child knows to obey the answer of the dog owner, too.

Nursing homes misuse drugs to control residents with dementia

Understaffed and overworked nursing home employees are resorting to misusing drugs to keep residents with dementia docile. It is common for nursing homes across the country to give patients with dementia antipsychotic medication to control their behavior. In many cases, patients or their loved ones have not given consent to administer the drugs.

Antipsychotic medications are used to treat psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia. Antipsychotic drugs have never been approved by the FDA as safe for treatment of dementia. Unnecessary use of antipsychotic drugs leads to over-sedation, fear and even death. In fact, the use of these drugs on elders with dementia is associated with close to double the risk of death.

Distracted driving can have devastating consequences

Car accidents are something that we all fear and dread from time to time. When one becomes a reality, it can be hard to know how to react or how to deal with the aftermath. If you have suffered injuries as a result of a Ohio car accident, you will probably be feeling a wide array of emotions, including anger toward the person that you believe is responsible.

If you believe that the accident that you were involved in occurred because of the actions of a distracted driver, then it is important that you take action in order to make your claim. You may be entitled to damages for the emotional and physical suffering that you endured, as well as coverage for car damages and lost wages.

Pursuing a wrongful death claim in Ohio

One of the most dangerous activities that we engage in on a day-to-day basis is driving, and tragically thousands of people die each year behind the wheel. While this is an unmistakeable fact, it does not take away the pain and grief that loved ones suffer from losing someone in an accident.

When a fatal death does occur, there must be a police investigation into the cause. Much of the time, there is simply nobody to blame, because external factors such as weather and road terrain may have caused the incident. However, it is well-known that drunken drivers and reckless drivers are some of the biggest killers on the road, and therefore, justice must be done to ensure that they are not able to reoffend.

The effects of understaffing in nursing homes

When concerns are raised about the state of nursing homes, they are usually centered on systematic abuse and neglect. These concerns and horror stories often paint dramatized pictures of inherently mean and spiteful nursing home employees that try and make their patients' lives a living nightmare.

While this image of nursing home carers might portray a small minority, luckily it is very rarely the reality. Most carers in nursing homes are simply doing the best that they can given the circumstances that they find themselves in. However, this does not mean that the conditions of the nursing home are adequate, or that the nursing home management are not liable for causing nursing home neglect. This is often due to nursing home understaffing.


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