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Employee of Tiger Woods dies in crash, Woods faces lawsuit

Restaurant owners in Ohio may want to know about a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Tiger Woods because it concerns the duties that restaurants have toward employees. A 24-year-old employee at The Woods, a restaurant established by the golf star in Jupiter, Florida, was allegedly served an excessive amount of alcohol after his shift. This led to the employee fatally crashing his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette on Dec. 10, 2018.

The lawsuit, filed in Palm Beach County on May 13, names Tiger Woods and his girlfriend, who is the manager of The Woods' Jupiter location, as the defendants. It claims that Woods had participated in the serving of alcohol that night although the attorney representing Woods states he was not there.

1 more reason you should always 'buckle up' in a car

You know you're supposed to "buckle up" when you get in the car -- even for a short drive. If you happen to get into a car accident, your seat belt can save you from serious injury. It can also save you from unnecessary complications when you make a claim for compensation when the other driver is at fault for the accident.

Numerous states, including Ohio, allow defendants in a car accident claim to assert a positive defense to the issue of liability for a car accident victim's injuries. The "seat belt defense" essentially states that an injury victim would have either not been injured at all or would have suffered less serious injuries if he or she had been properly restrained by a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Nursing home fines are less under the current administration

An incoming government administration may not only create new regulations; it may enforce existing regulations in a different way. Both methods of change can have a substantial impact for the entities regulated as well as the people the law is intended to protect. Some nursing homes in Ohio may be noticing a change in government policy by the Trump administration.

Recent data suggests that the Medicare & Medicaid Services organization CMS is more lenient toward nursing homes found in violation of health and safety rules. According to federal records, the average fine for violators dropped by nearly 30% since the new administration took over.

Ohio has a dog bite problem

In general, people are being subjected to fewer dog bites each year -- likely due to educational efforts directed toward owners and legislation on local levels that help keep pets under control.

Unfortunately, a few states still don't seem to have their dogs under control -- and Ohio is one of them.

Ohio nursing home resident dies in smoking-related fire

A male resident of an Ohio nursing home in Oakwood Village died after accidentally setting himself on fire while smoking.

According to the officials on the scene, the man -- whose age was not identified -- was sitting in a motorized wheelchair outside the nursing facility, unattended. He was also on oxygen at the time.

You may share the road with more drowsy drivers than you think

When traveling, you may not think too much about the fact that you share the road with drivers of various ages, experience and occupations. All of these and many other factors can affect how these individuals operate their vehicles. One issue that could span across a number of groups and pose a threat to everyone on the road is feeling drowsy while driving.

You, among others, may consider fatigue a hindrance, but not necessarily a threat to safety. However, drowsy drivers can experience impaired abilities that could easily lead to a car accident.

Here's why you should pursue a wrongful death claim

The unexpected loss of a loved one is a devastating emotional experience -- and nothing you do can bring that person back. That fact alone can make it difficult to even consider taking legal action.

However, a wrongful death claim has several important purposes that you need to consider:

Boeing 737 MAX crashes result in legal trouble

On April 8, the brother of a victim in the March 10 crash involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 filed a lawsuit against the Boeing Company. This is just one example of the legal troubles that the aviation company faces in the wake of its two 737 MAX crashes. Ohio residents may remember that the March 10 incident, where the plane took a nosedive shortly after departing Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, killed 157 people.

Five months earlier, Lion Air Flight 610 plunged into the Java Sea after departing Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 189. In early March 2019, a Seattle law firm filed a lawsuit against Boeing on behalf of several of the victims' families. A law firm in Indonesia then filed a similar lawsuit.

Pedestrian dangers: What every walker needs to know

Cities have been gradually trying to encourage more people to take up walking as a way to reduce traffic congestion. The only problem is that walking around somewhere can get you hurt or killed in an accident very easily.

The rising tide of pedestrian deaths

Be on the lookout for drunk drivers in Ohio

You have no way of knowing what a nearby motorist is going to do at any given moment. You have the right, however, to reasonably expect those with whom you're sharing the road will adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Every licensed driver in Ohio and beyond is legally obligated to do so. Sadly, not every licensed driver complies. In fact, some make highly irresponsible choices to drink and drive or otherwise act with negligence or recklessness behind the wheel.

You're at risk for serious injury because of another driver's disregard for safety. If this happens, there is no reason you should bear the full financial burden of expenses related to the incident, such as medical bills or lost wages from time off work during recovery. Drunk drivers often commit certain behaviors due to cognitive and physical impairment. If you notice suspicious driving behavior, it's best to try to safely distance yourself from the vehicle in question and to report the incident to 911 if you can.


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