Pursuing Proper Standards Of Care For Elders In Ohio

Bedsores may be due to nursing home neglect. The wounds are usually caused by prolonged pressure on bony regions such as ankles, heels, elbows and the lumbar or low back region. The sores can also be caused by problems associated with malnutrition or dehydration, which usually results from poor staffing, improper charting and inadequate care planning.

In A Care Facility That Monitors Patients Properly, These Wounds Do Not Occur

Nursing homes are highly regulated by federal and state governments. A resident who is admitted into a nursing home without bedsores should not develop bedsores while under the facility’s care. If pressure sores occur, this may be evidence of neglect. If a is not treated appropriately and aggressively, the wound can result in serious infections such as septicemia and MRSA and possibly death.

Nursing homes frequently try to explain away the sores by saying “these things happen” or “this can be expected” of a resident who is old. Other times, they conceal the sores from the family. The truth is that if appropriate care was provided by the nursing staff, the sores would not occur. Facilities have a duty to assess residents to see if they are at risk for bedsores, and if they are, they should take proper preventative measures to prevent them.

Rumizen Weisman Attorneys, has a long track record of success seeking accountability and compensation for families who have suffered from nursing home neglect. Their powerful and passionate advocacy has provided justice for numerous families that have had loved ones injured because of inadequate care in nursing homes.

Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

Many people are concerned about retaliation against their family members by a nursing home or nursing home staff if they bring a complaint against the facility. Nursing home residents have specific rights under Ohio law, and the Cleveland attorneys at Rumizen Weisman Attorneys know how to prove neglect when residents develop bedsores in a nursing home. They work regularly with geriatric specialists who can define acceptable standards of care and will be able to show how the standard of care was not followed by the nursing home.

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