Moving Forward From A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack

More than 4 million people are bitten by dogs every year. Many of these turn out to be serious injuries that lead to infection and scarring. In Ohio, owners are strictly liable for their pets, meaning that someone who is bitten doesn’t have to prove that the owner was negligent. If you were bitten at all, you have a case.

At Rumizen Weisman Attorneys in Cleveland, we have represented hundreds of people across Ohio who have been harmed by dogs and other animals. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience recovering compensation for injury victims, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Whether through litigation, arbitration or negotiation, our attorneys will advocate relentlessly for you.

We are equipped to handle injury cases related to dogs, horses, exotic pets and a wide array of other animals.

A Dog Bite May Require Expensive Reconstructive Surgery

Many times, dog bites require reconstructive surgery to remove unsightly scars and help correct disfigurement. These types of surgeries are not cheap. In addition, you will be facing general medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. If your child was the victim, he or she may need psychological counseling to help recover from the emotional trauma.

We understand the numerous costs associated with dog attacks, and we are here to help you recover the money you need.

Worried About Suing A Family Member, Friend Or Neighbor?

If the animal is owned by a family member, friend or neighbor, you may be reluctant to bring a personal injury lawsuit. You may worry about putting a financial strain on that person by asking for money.

The good news is that many animal attack cases are covered by homeowners insurance policies. When you seek compensation, you are seeking it from the insurance company, not from the pet owner. You are only asking the pet owner’s insurance company to do what it promised to do in such an event.

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