Understanding Brain Injuries

Most people are aware of how serious brain injuries can be. While such injuries happen in many ways, they are often the result of accidents. Getting proper medical attention following such an injury is vital. In some cases, seeking legal assistance is equally important. The attorneys at Rumizen Weisman Attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, understand how devastating these injuries can be and are here to help you.

Effects Of Brain Injuries Can Be Far-Reaching

Just as no two individuals are alike, nor are the ways people respond to a brain injury. While some individuals deal with relatively mild symptoms that last only a short time, others experience much more severe symptoms that continue for weeks and even months. Symptoms can be physical such as headaches and nausea or cognitive such as memory loss. Some people experience personality changes. Any of these symptoms can make your life or the lives of your loved ones more difficult.

When Negligence Is To Blame For A Brain Injury

There are many situations in which the negligence of another could result in a brain injury. These include motor vehicle accidents, accidents due to unsafe property conditions, accidents in hospitals and nursing homes, and workplace accidents. When negligence on the part of another is to blame for a concussion or traumatic brain injury, you may be able to secure compensation for your injury.

Helping You Pursue Compensation For Brain Injuries

At Rumizen Weisman Attorneys, we know brain injuries can dramatically impact your life. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, you may not know where to start. Send an email to our lawyers or call 216-273-6739 to learn how we can help you.