Essential Steps After A Car Crash

The moments right after a car accident can feel like a blur. In the panic, you may check yourself and others for severe injuries and assess the damage to the vehicle. In these first frantic moments, it is essential to follow specific steps that will keep you safe and protect your ability to recover compensation.

At Rumizen Weisman Attorneys, we wrote a manual on car accidents. Our trial lawyers are experienced with all types of motor vehicle crashes in Cleveland, in Beachwood and throughout Ohio, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve. Our hands-on knowledge of what to do after an accident can help you recover damages more efficiently.

Immediate Steps To Follow

  1. It is essential to stay at the scene. Leaving the scene for any reason can result in hit-and-run charges that will harm your case.
  2. Check yourself and the other parties involved in the accident and call for medical attention.
  3. Call the police if there are injuries or damages and ask for a police report to be filed.
  4. Exchange relevant information between all drivers involved in the accident.
  5. Do not make any comments about what happened or what you may or may not have done or speculate on the accident. This can be used against you.

Smart Steps To Take Later

When you ensure everyone is OK and the scene is safe, there are vital steps that can help with the insurance claim processes.

  1. Contact an attorney. There is no charge to contact us.
  2. Get statements from anyone who witnessed the accident or stopped to help.
  3. Take photos of the damages, injuries and the scene. It is essential to show the area and local conditions at the time of the accident.
  4. Contact your insurance agency. It will ask about any injuries or damages to property.
  5. Get checked by a doctor. Save any medical notes or paperwork from any medical professional you see.
  6. Keep a record of any bills paid for medical attention or car damage valuations.
  7. Do not discuss the accident with anyone aside from an attorney, law enforcement or your insurance company. This can be used against you.

Do not wait — crash evidence can slip away every day you do not take action. Our Ohio injury attorneys will discuss your accident case during a free consultation. Use our online form or call 216-273-6739 today.