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April 2018 Archives

Protecting nursing home residents from psychological abuse

When a loved one is residing in a nursing home, it is probable that you will be feeling protective over them, and you will want to know that they are being looked after to the highest degree. While signs of physical abuse may be easy to recognize, for example when bruises are discovered on the patient's body, signs of emotional and psychological abuse can be much more difficult to spot.

Keeping children safe around strange dogs in Cleveland

There is a big difference between owning a dog and encountering a dog out in public. You might have trained your dog and it behaves like it should, but you never know how well-trained other dogs are that you encounter. That's why it's best to always teach your children how to properly approach dogs they meet outside the home. Follow these tips and your children should be safe when they meet a new dog.

Nursing homes misuse drugs to control residents with dementia

Understaffed and overworked nursing home employees are resorting to misusing drugs to keep residents with dementia docile. It is common for nursing homes across the country to give patients with dementia antipsychotic medication to control their behavior. In many cases, patients or their loved ones have not given consent to administer the drugs.

Distracted driving can have devastating consequences

Car accidents are something that we all fear and dread from time to time. When one becomes a reality, it can be hard to know how to react or how to deal with the aftermath. If you have suffered injuries as a result of a Ohio car accident, you will probably be feeling a wide array of emotions, including anger toward the person that you believe is responsible.


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