What to know about nursing home injury cases

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries

Those who make a complaint against an Ohio nursing home will need to provide as much evidence as possible that the facility did something wrong. For instance, it is a good idea to show that a patient endured physical pain and suffering because of a nursing home’s negligence. Those who file complaints will also want to show that an individual will incur future medical expenses because of an injury experienced while at a given facility.

A complaint could also aim to prove that a resident cannot sleep or take part in activities that he or she used to enjoy. In addition to physical injuries, a complaint may seek compensation for mental anguish. Mental anguish could occur if a resident is fearful of asking for help or anticipates getting hurt before an event takes place. Mental stress could also result from thinking about the need for surgery because of an injury or the possibility of future injuries.

In some cases, a judge may consider whether an injury will result in a shortened life expectancy. While this is not something that a person can be compensated for directly, it can be a factor in determining how serious an injury is. This may influence how much a person is awarded or the types of damages that he or she may ultimately be entitled to.

The families of those who experience nursing home injuries may wish to pursue legal action against the facilities that the victims stayed at. It may be possible to obtain compensation for mental or physical anguish as well as punitive damages. An attorney may be able to gather and organize evidence in a case involving nursing home injuries. Injury cases may be resolved either in court or through a settlement reached through mediation or arbitration.