A lack of staff training can lead to nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries

Ohio residents may be interested in learning about the arrests of three women working in a nursing home. Two patients who had dementia were fighting. Instead of calming the patients down and making them feel safe, the three women working at the nursing home reportedly encouraged the physical altercation between the patients.

After looking more closely at the case, the local Department of Health and Human Services noted that none of the employees at that facility had received the proper training. The organization also showed that patients were not being cared for as they should have been, including not receiving the medications they needed.

There are both state and federal regulations in place that are designed to prevent the hiring of individuals who may pose a threat to residents at long-term care facilities. Individuals who have a history of patient abuse are prohibited from being hired at elder care facilities under federal law. However, the background check and the extent of it are often left to the discretion of a particular facility, which can lead to unfortunate consequences for patients, like nursing home injuries.

Many long-term nursing facilities work hard to take good care of their patients. Unfortunately, others do not provide the right background searches or training to their staff members in an effort to reduce costs. Individuals who are concerned about the care a family member is receiving may wish to speak with a lawyer. The lawyer may be able to examine the situation and offer advice regarding nursing home abuse and neglect. The lawyer may be able to direct families on how to file a case and may represent a client in court if it is necessary.