Tips for finding a safe nursing home

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Your parents are aging, need specialized care and can no longer live on their own. So, it is time to consider beginning the conversation with your parents about possibly moving into a nursing home. It may be the last thing that you and your family members want to do, but you realize there are certain things you cannot do to care for your parents properly.

The truth is when it comes to nursing homes, there are good and bad ones that exist. Once you begin your search, it is imperative that you do your research and know the difference. This is especially important because these are your parents and they deserve only the absolute best care available.

Vital informationyou need to know forchoosing a safe nursing home

In the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), there are 1.4 million older Americans who live in nursing homes. Having to move from your home to a new place can be a very challenging time, especially for your parents. There are many factors to consider when visiting the nursing homes.

They include:

  1. Does the nursing home have a license? Ask to see it.
  2. Does the nursing home have Medicare and Medicaid programs available?
  3. How is the food? You can sample the food in the dining room to get an idea. The food should also be healthy and meet any special nutritional needs that your parents require.
  4. What type of activities are available? How do the residents spend their days? There should be a variety of activities available to keep the residents entertained.
  5. Check out the staff of the facility: Are they kind to the residents? Are they patient with the residents or perhaps are they overworked and irritable? This may be an indication of how they may treat your parents, so be aware of how they interact with the residents. It may be a good idea to meet with the nursing director to get additional information.
  6. Check out the cleanliness of the nursing home: You should make note of any filth that may be at the nursing home. You want to make sure your parents have a clean living environment.
  7. Are the residents’ personal needs taken care of? Make sure that the residents are bathed and beds are changed. How does the staff handle bedsores?
  8. How does the staff handle safety? Check out the facility’s safety throughout, from the bathrooms and showers to the hallways and even outdoors. Ask about their policies and procedures.

The possibility of having to find a nursing home facility that is safe and you feel meets your parents needs can be overwhelming. Hopefully, these tips will help you decide what is important in term of your parent’s care and finding the best nursing home.