Have bedsores caused concern regarding nursing home neglect?

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Throughout life, your parents may have been the ones to make difficult decisions relating to your care and upbringing. Since you have reached adulthood, you may have a greater appreciation for the battles they likely had with themselves when it came to making particularly hard choices. Now that your parent has reached a point in which he or she can no longer care for him or herself, you may face a difficult predicament of your own.

Though many options for elder care exist, you may still have struggled to find the best choice for your loved one. However, after settling on utilizing a nursing home, you may have felt that professional care was the best option. Unfortunately, concerns may have come about regarding whether your elderly parent is facing neglect.

Have you noticed bedsores?

Bedsores can act as a common red flag that individuals in nursing home environments have not received the proper care. You may have noticed a small sore on an elbow or ankle only to have a member of the staff attempt to brush off your concerns. However, over time, you may have noticed more of these sores or that already existing wounds have gotten worse.

Where do bedsores commonly form?

Because these sores develop due to continual pressure and lack of movement, they can form quickly and in numerous areas that often come in contact with beds or chairs. These common areas of the body include:

  • Tailbone
  • Shoulder blades
  • Spine
  • Backs of arms and legs
  • Back or sides of the head
  • Hips
  • Heels and ankles

If you have concerns that your loved one may have developed bedsores, seeking medical treatment as soon as possible may prove wise.

Are bedsores dangerous?

While some bedsores may appear small and unthreatening, they could pose the risk of infection or worsening to cause considerable tissue damage. In some cases, if the sores do not receive proper treatment in a timely manner, they could reach a state in which they never completely heal.

How can you address neglect concerns?

These sores could easily develop if your parent is confined to a wheelchair or bed and does not receive the proper assistance with standing or turning. Because nursing home staff members should help with such tasks and ensure that they occur regularly to avoid such injuries, the development of bedsores could point to neglect. If you suspect that this situation had affected your loved one, you may wish to consider taking legal action against the liable parties.