What is the abuse risk for people with Alzheimer’s?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Nursing Home Injuries

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that can affect people both old and young. With over 5 million sufferers in the U.S., it is shockingly common, and widespread suffering is experienced by the families and loved ones who feel helpless to do anything about it.

Many sufferers of Alzheimer’s need to receive full-time care, often in a nursing home facility. They are at a very high risk of abuse because it can be difficult for them to alert their loved ones of what is happening.

General abuse risks for Alzheimer’s sufferers

Alzheimer’s sufferers have a higher risk of abuse both in nursing homes and at home. A factor behind the reason for this is because of the stress and emotional effect that caring for an Alzheimer’s sufferer can have. Loved ones will be grieving the affect of the disease to some extent; therefore, the burden of being a caregiver in addition can affect their mental health.

How the stage of Alzheimer’s affects the risk

The risk of abuse in Alzheimer’s patients is higher when the disease is more advanced. This is because the person is more vulnerable and unable to report the abuse that is taking place.

Caregivers that have a history of abuse

The mental state of the caregiver can bring about a higher risk of abuse. If the caregiver is overworked and not being taken care of by the employer, then the nursing home could have a higher liability. Nursing home abuse is never acceptable and if you believe that a loved one is suffering, you should take action immediately.

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