Common construction site hazards: Are you are risk?

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As a construction worker, you face exposure to certain risks every time you step on a job site. This type of job is inherently dangerous, yet despite the potential injury hazards that come with construction, you still have the right to both a reasonably safe workplace and a full recovery in the event you do actually suffer an injury at work.

Due to the nature of construction work, workplace accidents often result in serious or debilitating injuries. You may need an experienced legal ally to help you fight for the full amount of compensation available under the law. Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, you may have valid grounds for an Ohio workers’ compensation claim.

The most common reasons for construction site accidents

Construction site accidents can happen for many reasons. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most common hazards and best ways to prevent accidents related to these issues include the following:

  • Falls: Falls from heights are some of the most common dangers for construction workers, but they are preventable through safety and protection equipment and safe use of ladders and scaffolds.
  • Struck-by equipment: Proper training and vigilance around moving equipment can help prevent unnecessary struck-by accidents on construction sites.
  • Trench collapse: Workers should use proper shoring and sloping when working in or around trenches of a certain depth. Trench protection systems also help.
  • Electrocution: By locating utilities and power lines and the use of ground-fault circuit interrupters, it is possible to reduce the risk of an electrical accident. Grounding or insulating portable tools when in use can also increase safety.

Regardless of who was at fault or what circumstances led to your injury, you would be wise to seek a complete understanding of how you may secure support during your recovery.

Maximizing your recovery

Injured construction workers may be unaware of their right to certain types of compensation after an accident on a job site. In certain circumstances, you may also have valid grounds for a third-party claim.

Personal injury compensation may be available in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits, but you would be wise to act quickly in order to take the appropriate steps for maximum recovery. From your initial application to exploring all available sources of recompense available to you, you will find great benefit in working side-by-side with an experienced attorney.