When Inadequate Nursing Home Care Leads to Falls

Unfortunately, Nursing home and assisted living residents fall regularly in nursing homes in northeast Ohio. But many of these falls are preventable. If the facility properly conducts fall risk assessments to determine if the resident was at risk for falls while in the home and the correct interventions were implemented, the falls should not occur. There are federal guidelines that the homes must follow when caring for your loved one in a nursing facility. It is very common that the facility does not follow these guidelines, or sometimes the facility doesn't even follow their own policies and procedures when caring for your loved one.

At the law office of Rumizen Weisman, we have been handling nursing home fall cases for many years for individuals in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio to help victims of nursing home abuse receive the compensation they need.

Causes of Nursing Home Falls

Nursing home residents with a prior history of falls, with poor eyesight, general imbalance, dementia, on hallucinogenic medications, or are in need of a toileting program, are all at risk for falling in a nursing home. The law requires that if a nursing home resident is at risk for falls, the home should take the proper measures to prevent the risk of the resident from falling. When these interventions are not followed by the staff, falls and significant injuries occur.

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