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Injuries that are commonly associated with car accidents

When a person is involved in a car accident, the injuries that he or she suffers will likely be dependent on the speed in which his or her vehicle or the other car was traveling, and other factors, such as the number or vehicles and the types of vehicles involved.

There are a wide range of injuries associated with car accidents. The following are some of the most common injuries that people suffer following a car crash.

Dog attacks can be emotionally traumatic

When someone experiences an attack from a dog, the first reaction from other people is likely to be questioning whether the person suffered any injuries as a result. However, often the victim of a dog attack does not suffer any injuries whatsoever, yet still becomes damaged by the traumatic experience for a long time to come.

It is important that people do not underestimate the damage that a scary experience like this can create for a person.

First responder injured in accident

On Nov. 2, a crash occurred between two vehicles in Clark County, Ohio. The people involved in the accident received minor injuries, both requiring hospital treatment. However, it was a first responder that came to help the injured in the accident that became the most seriously injured due to an unfortunate incident.

A volunteer for the Springfield Township Fire Department was at the scene of the incident and went over to attend to the injured. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that a car drove directly through the scene of the accident and proceeded to hit the man directly, where he eventually became pushed up against the other crashed vehicle.

Making a claim for a car accident death

Driving is something that most of us do each day, and we hardly think about the danger that the activity could possibly cause. Tragically, however, car, truck and motorcycle accidents claim many lives each year in the United States. Often, these people were careful drivers who carried out their duty to be safe and responsible drivers, and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For those who have lost loved ones to a senseless car accident where they believe that another person was to blame, the grieving process can be devastating. The feelings that the actions of another led to the death of someone that you loved and caused inexplicable grief are something that cannot be measured. People in this position often become determined to seek justice for their loved one, and in doing so, they may be able to claim damages for the grief, suffering and loss of income that occurred as a result.

Injuries after a nursing home slip-and-fall

As you age, you likely get a little wobblier on your feet. It is natural for you to lose some of your physical prowess as you age, but some falls are preventable. You should take the utmost care to prevent a fall, but what if someone else is responsible?

An injury that happens on the site of another person's property is a type of injury known as a premises injury. Business owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for residents or customers. If a business is aware of a danger to a person of the property, but does not take steps to correct it, one can hold the business responsible due to premises liability. You, or your vulnerable relative, should certainly expect to be safe while under the care of nursing home staff.

Preventing the financial exploitation of the elderly

When a person is elderly and can no longer live independently, it means that he or she can be particularly vulnerable to different types of exploitation and abuse. This means that family members and loved ones should be alert and prepare to notice signs of abuse, especially if their loved one resides in a nursing home. Nursing homes should be safe environments where a person is cared for and protected in the more vulnerable later years of his or her life. However, there have been cases of people using their access to a nursing home to take advantage of elderly people and exploit them financially.

Each state has a set of laws and guidelines regarding how financial exploitation of the elderly is defined. There is an agency, the Adult Protective Services, that is dedicated to investigating these reports of such exploitation. They rely, however, on health care professionals or other people in close contact with the affected elderly person to make a report.

Crane accidents are more common than you might think

The use of cranes for increasingly ambitious construction projects is a crucial part of American development, and helps to create world-class cities that are ever-evolving. However, the reality for construction workers that regularly use and operate cranes is that they have the potential to cause fatal accidents. Engineers are constantly working to make cranes safer and accidents less likely to happen. Unfortunately, crane accidents are more common than you might think.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published a report that states that 72 employees died as a result of crane-related accidents in 2006. Although this number might seem surprisingly high to you, it is actually representative of a significant fall from the average of 78 deaths per year between 2003 and 2005.

Verbal abuse in nursing homes

When we place a parent, grandparent or loved one into a nursing home, we expect them to be loved, comforted and cared for. We put all our trust in the carers' hands. People who reside in nursing homes are vulnerable and can be especially sensitive to stressful environments.

Sadly, verbal abuse in care homes is surprisingly common. There is no excuse or valid reason for a nursing home employee to act verbally abusive toward an elderly person in his or her care. These actions can cause much distress to the elderly person, and they may even feel too ashamed or distressed to make a complaint or tell a family member.

Protecting yourself against burn injuries at work

Burn injuries are a common hazard in some professions -- particularly industrial and construction work.

That makes it important to understand the basic types of burns and how to handle first-aid treatment while you're waiting on the medics to arrive -- the information may help you save a co-worker's life.

Ladders, stairways could pose fall risks on construction sites

Completing construction projects may leave you feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. As a worker in this industry, you often get to see your efforts take shape and allow an area to grow. However, you also likely know that your job duties put you at serious risk of falling and suffering injuries that could have lasting impacts.

Falls are a common injury-causing incident on construction sites. Though you could potentially avoid this type of event with proper safety measures, you may overlook some hazards, and you could end up as the victim of a serious fall accident. Still, you may want to remain on the lookout for situations that could put you at risk.

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