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Scaffolding dangers and safety: What you should know

Scaffolds are a common on construction sites -- whether there's a major job happening or just some minor work being done. They're also a common cause of major injuries -- it only takes one fall to change a worker's life forever due to permanent injuries (assuming he or she even survives).

How dangerous are scaffolds, really? Consider just these two startling statistics:

  • Your chance of surviving a fall onto concrete or another hard surface from just 11 feet off the ground is only around 50 percent.
  • The average fall occurs from a 12-15 foot elevation.

Nursing home negligence can include fatal medication errors

Medication errors are one of the biggest dangers that nursing home residents face.

Many seniors enter into nursing care precisely because of problems like no longer being able to manage their own medications -- which means they have to rely on the nursing staff to meet their medical needs in a correct and timely manner.

Do you have a wrongful death case?

Losing a loved one is a hard thing to experience. What can make the situation even worse is if your loss is the result of another person's negligence or purposeful recklessness. If you believe that to be the case, according to the state of Ohio, you may have the right to seek compensation for any resulting losses by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court.

What does one need for a wrongful death case to be successful? There are actually several elements that have to be present in order for a judge or jury to make a ruling in your favor. What are these elements? If present, what damages are legally recoverable?

Law could put dogs back in outdoor eateries and patrons at risk

Is a law that currently bans dogs from the patios of bars and restaurants and the new legislation designed to reverse that an issue of the need to protect the public's health versus the public's will?

In years past, it was pretty common to see dogs on the outside patios and seating areas of bars and restaurants during good weather.

How can you prevent farm equipment injuries?

Farming is a high-risk occupation -- one that many people underestimate when it comes to exactly how risky it can be.

As fall approaches, local farms take on seasonal help in order to get through the harvest -- which means that there are suddenly a lot of inexperienced hands who are filling temporary jobs without any understanding of the dangers.

Preventing construction falls: What you should know and do

Falls have remained the No. 1 cause of construction deaths for a long time now -- despite the best efforts of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to change things.

In 2015, the year for which the latest statistics are available, falls caused almost 39 percent of construction deaths. The second top cause of construction deaths, being struck by an object of some sort, caused just less than 10 percent of all deaths. That tells even the most casual observer that there's something not working when it comes to fall prevention safety efforts.

Veterinarians, dog bites and the law: Facts you should know

In many cases, a veterinarian can end up being an important part of a lawsuit involving a dog bite. This is why:

1. Veterinarians and their staff are generally fairly familiar with the dogs in their care. In many cases, the vet may have known the dog since it was a pup. That means that there are often notes in the dog's record about problem behaviors. For example, if the dog has been medicated in the past for anxiety or aggression, that would be reflected in the dog's medical chart -- and it could go a long way toward rebutting the owner's assertion that you must have been taunting or teasing the animal before it bit.

Exotic animals kept as pets are a risk to everyone

Some people just aren't content with a dog or cat -- and even a pet rabbit or bird won't do. Instead, they're drawn to the wild side.

Exotic pets like monkeys, alligators, bears, wolves, large or venomous snakes and even certain lizards have their fans -- but there are animals that simply cannot be domesticated. No matter how early an animal is taken out of the wild, certain animals simply cannot be considered safe.

Forklift safety could save lives on construction sites

Due to the nature of construction work, manufacturing and other types of manual labor, various types of equipment and tools come with certain risks to Ohio workers. Heavy equipment, vehicles and power tools can all cause significant injuries if used incorrectly or if workers do not receive training on safety measures. Forklifts are a type of commonly used equipment that can cause great harm when used incorrectly. 

Forklift safety is essential on construction sites. These measures will not only reduce the number of accidents and injuries, they could actually save lives as well. Estimates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggest that almost 100,000 people suffer injuries in forklift accidents every year, and many of these incidents are preventable. 

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