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Preventing construction falls: What you should know and do

Falls have remained the No. 1 cause of construction deaths for a long time now -- despite the best efforts of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to change things.

In 2015, the year for which the latest statistics are available, falls caused almost 39 percent of construction deaths. The second top cause of construction deaths, being struck by an object of some sort, caused just less than 10 percent of all deaths. That tells even the most casual observer that there's something not working when it comes to fall prevention safety efforts.

Veterinarians, dog bites and the law: Facts you should know

In many cases, a veterinarian can end up being an important part of a lawsuit involving a dog bite. This is why:

1. Veterinarians and their staff are generally fairly familiar with the dogs in their care. In many cases, the vet may have known the dog since it was a pup. That means that there are often notes in the dog's record about problem behaviors. For example, if the dog has been medicated in the past for anxiety or aggression, that would be reflected in the dog's medical chart -- and it could go a long way toward rebutting the owner's assertion that you must have been taunting or teasing the animal before it bit.

Exotic animals kept as pets are a risk to everyone

Some people just aren't content with a dog or cat -- and even a pet rabbit or bird won't do. Instead, they're drawn to the wild side.

Exotic pets like monkeys, alligators, bears, wolves, large or venomous snakes and even certain lizards have their fans -- but there are animals that simply cannot be domesticated. No matter how early an animal is taken out of the wild, certain animals simply cannot be considered safe.

Forklift safety could save lives on construction sites

Due to the nature of construction work, manufacturing and other types of manual labor, various types of equipment and tools come with certain risks to Ohio workers. Heavy equipment, vehicles and power tools can all cause significant injuries if used incorrectly or if workers do not receive training on safety measures. Forklifts are a type of commonly used equipment that can cause great harm when used incorrectly. 

Forklift safety is essential on construction sites. These measures will not only reduce the number of accidents and injuries, they could actually save lives as well. Estimates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggest that almost 100,000 people suffer injuries in forklift accidents every year, and many of these incidents are preventable. 

Autopilot feature was not responsible for Tesla crashes

There's a lot of buzz about self-driving cars -- many industry experts predict that they're going to take over the future car market and usher in a new era of roadway safety.

However, a deadly accident in 2016 involving a vehicle made by Tesla, the leader in the self-driving car market, put everything in doubt. Suddenly, the self-driving cars of the future didn't seem so safe after all.

How do you minimize scars from a dog bite?

Dog bites are always serious. Whether the dog is a 120-pound rottweiler or a 20-pound chihuahua, it isn't just the size of the bite that's the problem -- infection, jagged wounds and other complications can leave you with significant scar tissue.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the scars. Consider the following tips:

Beware of common forklift dangers

Forklifts are a common sight in warehouses and construction. They're also one of the biggest dangers to employees -- perhaps, in part, because they are such a familiar sight that not all employees are as wary of them as they should be.

In fact, some of the most common reason for forklift injuries can be directly tied to a lack of awareness of the terrible danger they present:

Bad tires and bad accidents: How they're related

A bad tire is bad news on the road -- and not just because there's the risk of a flat. A car that's being driven around on threadbare, poorly-maintained tires puts lives in danger.

Experts have been urging drivers for years to make sure that they constantly check their tires for proper air pressure -- if only because improperly inflated tires can cause damage to the vehicle over time. However, new studies indicate that cars with underinflated tires are actually a serious safety issue -- they're in 3 times more accidents than cars with properly inflated tires.

Could the average house cat be more dangerous than a dog?

It used to be called "cat scratch fever," (now it's just called "cat scratch disease") and it's a bacterial infection caused by the bite of a flea on a cat.

That infection can then be spread to human beings if they are bitten by the cat, scratched by it or simply allow the cat to lick their hand where they have any sort of cut or wound through which the bacteria can transfer.

Rescuing your loved one from elder care abuse

Ohio nursing homes and assisted living facilities are full of elderly residents who were, for whatever reason, no longer able to care for themselves at home. If you're an adult son or daughter of an older parent, the decision to help him or her move into one of these residences was likely not made lightly. In fact, you probably did a lot of research, perhaps visiting various facilities and speaking with staff members and visitors in person, before you chose the place that best suited your parent's needs.

Sadly, elder abuse is an ongoing problem in this and many other states. Although a certain amount of trust is necessary when you can't be with your parent 24/7, it's also reasonable to expect that staff members are taking the utmost care to provide a safe and healthy living environment for your loved one. Sadly, you must always be on the lookout for evidence of assisted living trouble.

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