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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Woman dies after falling down subway stairs with baby stroller

When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed in Ohio, the result depends on whether the person died because of negligence. A recent example focuses on a woman who came to an early death because she fell down the stairs in a Manhattan subway station. The woman was struggling with a baby carriage because the subway station did not have an elevator. Consequently, she had to struggle as she tried to transport the stroller. Statistics show that hundreds of subways located in New York City do not install elevators as alternatives to stairways.

Medical workers accused of giving woman lethal dose of painkiller

A doctor, pharmacist and nurse in a Columbus, Ohio, hospital stand accused of giving a fatal dose of fentanyl, a narcotic painkiller more potent than morphine, to an elderly woman in order to hasten her death. According to allegations made in a wrongful death lawsuit -- and admissions by the hospital -- that patient may have been one of 26 patients total that were given excessive doses of the drug as they lay dying.

Zoo intern fatally injured by escaped lion

Anyone in Ohio or elsewhere in the country working around animals faces certain inherent dangers that could result in serious or fatal personal injuries. This is exactly what happened to a 22-year-old intern in North Carolina. The woman was cleaning an animal enclosure at a zoo when the incident occurred. According to a statement by the zoo, lions were somehow allowed to get out of a locked space and into the area where the routine cleaning was taking place. It was one of these lions that attacked and fatally injured the worker.

Suit filed against driver, parents in prom night fatality

The parents of an Ohio teenager who was killed in a car crash while travelling to prom filed a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle and her parents. The civil suit was filed in excess of $25,000 for the wrongful death of the 17-year-old girl and seeks both punitive and compensatory damages.

Family of Ohio teen killed in crash on prom night files suit

A group of Ohio teenagers, all from Monroe, thought that prom night would be the highlight of their lives. Instead, one of them died, two others were injured and one of them ended up facing charges of aggravated vehicular homicide after a fatal car accident.

Columbus City Council Pays $410K in Wrongful Death Settlement

A $410,000 settlement has been approved by the City Council of Columbus, Ohio, in the wrongful death lawsuit of an 86-year-old woman. The woman's son filed the suit, which alleged that the woman was wrongfully killed by a firetruck that failed to activate sirens or lights when going through an intersection.

Family of deceased might have wrongful death claims

Under Ohio law, if a person loses his or her life due to the negligence of another, the family of the deceased might be able to assert claims for wrongful death. In car accident or other wrongful death cases, the representative of the estate might bring a lawsuit in civil court against the at-fault party. The at-fault party might have to pay damages directly, or damages might be paid by one or more insurance companies.

Family compensation after the death of a loved one at work

If you have lost a loved one due to a work-related accident, you will know that no amount of money can ever turn back time. It is likely that you will be filled with anger toward the workplace and be perplexed as to how such a thing could happen.

Liability after a boating accident

During the summer months in the state of Ohio, many people take recreational boat trips on Lake Erie. While most of these trips are incident-free, unfortunately, accidents have been known to occur, and sometimes boat accidents do end in a person suffering serious injuries or even death.


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