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Ikea pays $46 million in lawsuit involving death of toddler

Ohio residents who own Ikea furniture may be aware of the safety hazards that some of these products are said to pose. Recalls of Ikea furniture as well as injury claims relating to them have not been infrequent. Early in January 2020, a wrongful death lawsuit against Ikea has ended in a $46 million settlement to a California family whose 2-year-old boy died back in 2017 after an Ikea Malm dresser fell on him.

Mount Carmel doctor faces lawsuits, 25 counts of murder

Ohio residents have likely heard about the scandal involving a doctor of the Mount Carmel Health System. The doctor, who was fired in December 2018, has been connected with the deaths of at least 34 patients in the intensive care unit over a five-year period. These patients were given a fatally high dosage of the opioid fentanyl at the doctor's orders.

How well can you trust the coroner's report about cause of death?

Your loved one just died rather suddenly at the hospital. The sudden change in his or her condition and the abrupt death rings wrong in your mind, but you aren't sure if someone made a serious mistake that led to your loved one's death or not.

Construction worker killed in highway crash

An Ohio motorist is in custody after being accused of killing a construction worker and injuring another after hitting them late on the evening of Oct. 9. The driver was later charged in Berea Municipal Court, and bond was set at $1 million. The 31-year-old woman ran into the two Trafftech workers shortly before 11:30 p.m. on Interstate 71 near Snow Road in Brook Park. By the time police arrived to the scene of the deadly crash, one of the workers was already dead, while the other was found unconscious and rushed to MetroHealth Hospital.

Hotel Legionnaires' disease outbreak kills 1, leaves dozens sick

Ohio residents who travel may be interested to learn that a lawsuit was filed on Aug. 12 against an Atlanta hotel after one guest died and potentially dozens of others became sick due to a Legionnaires' disease outbreak. According to reports, the outbreak may have affected those who stayed at the downtown Atlanta hotel between June 22 and July 15.

Tesla sued over fatal crash involving Model 3 on Autopilot

Tesla has faced a wrongful death lawsuit before after one of its vehicles was involved in a fatal crash while on Autopilot. On Aug. 1, another lawsuit was announced. This should be of interest to drivers in Ohio because it shows that self-driving technology is still a long way from being perfected.

Shocking info reveals Neil Armstrong died from malpractice

Most people assume that there's a disparity in the medical care that people receive when they're poor and the kind of attention and care they get when they're famous and wealthy -- but a shocking new revelation about the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong shows that medical malpractice can happen to anyone.

Wrongful death lawsuits: The pros and cons

In Ohio, when someone dies as a result of another person's negligence or deliberate act, certain surviving relatives are automatically assumed to suffer a deep loss. The spouse of the deceased is naturally left without his or her helpmate and companion. The children of the deceased are left without their parent's love, support and guidance. The parents of the deceased are left without the care and assistance their child would have offered in life.

Woman files wrongful death suit after husband dies at stadium

If someone is harmed while on private property in Ohio, the property owner or manager is generally responsible for damages incurred. This topic is generating interest following a recent liability case making news from Georgia. The widow of a 48-year-old man who was found dead at SunTrust Park claims that multiple parties knew of hazards that may have contributed to his death. The man was at the Atlanta Braves' baseball stadium to install a product that he invented called Draftwell.


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