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More professionals required to report elder abuse

Many people in Ohio may have serious concerns about placing their parents or other elderly loved ones in a nursing home due to the potential for abuse. This is of particular concern as elder abuse often goes unreported, even after people see evidence that older people are being mistreated or neglected. In September 2018, state law changed to require many more groups of people to report elder abuse if they witness suspicious incidents. Among those required to report abuse include lawyers, physicians, counselors and employees of nursing homes and hospitals. However, ambulance drivers, accountants, real estate brokers, bank employees and financial planners are now also required to report abuse.

Nurse found guilty over acts that led to nursing home death

A 32-year-old licensed practical nurse in Ohio was found guilty at trial for her role in the death -- and subsequent cover-up -- of a 76-year-old nursing home resident. The elderly resident was found frozen to death outside of the nursing home after wandering off, her absence going undetected for hours despite protocols that were supposed to protect her.

Addressing financial exploitation concerns in a nursing home

If you have a loved one who resides in a nursing home, you will know that they can be particularly vulnerable to many types of influence. Statistically, elderly people are more vulnerable to being manipulated financially. Sadly, people who are held in high trust can take advantage of their influence on the elderly person and engage in financial exploitation as a result.

How nursing homes should benefit residents

Nursing homes exist with the intention of maximizing the quality of life of elderly and vulnerable people, like those who are suffering from ill health. They should impose regulations and ways of caring that reduce suffering and increase comfort. While in the vast majority of cases, nursing homes manage to achieve just this, vulnerable people may suffer at the hands of abusive or neglectful staff.

What's recoverable in a nursing home injury claim

Ohio residents who have been hurt by improper conduct at a nursing home may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Before filing, however, it's important to monitor injuries and keep financial records. Expenses to record include hospital, nursing and laboratory fees as well as the cost of any medications and prosthetic devices. One must also anticipate future medical expenses if the injuries have caused long-term disabilities.

Why are so many nursing homes understaffed in Ohio?

Nursing home residents must live in supervised accommodation for a reason: because they are not well enough to be capable of caring for themselves and living independently. Therefore, the nursing home resident has a reliance of the staff in the nursing home to be provided with adequate care. Unfortunately, it has been reported that 90 percent of nursing homes across the United States do not have the adequate amount of staff employed.

Nursing home residents have a right to emotional care

While we often think about nursing home crimes being related to physical or sexual abuse, as well as neglect such as failing to give residents adequate hygiene care, there can also be subtler but just as degrading types of neglect, such as a failure to provide emotional care. All residents in nursing homes have the right to feel safe and supported, and when nursing home caregivers show a distinct lack of this, it can show its effects in profound ways.


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