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Nursing homes misuse drugs to control residents with dementia

Understaffed and overworked nursing home employees are resorting to misusing drugs to keep residents with dementia docile. It is common for nursing homes across the country to give patients with dementia antipsychotic medication to control their behavior. In many cases, patients or their loved ones have not given consent to administer the drugs.

Would you recognize elder abuse if you see the signs?

The abuse of older people is a social problem that is prevalent but often well disguised. It involves various types of ill-treatment of elders and often leads to psychological or physical harm. The losses could also include their homes, life savings, security, dignity and independence. Some suggest that those who are not victims of elder abuse live longer than people who are.

Nursing home injuries and what to do about them

You knew you could not possibly care for Grandma on your own any longer; she simply needed too much medical care and around-the-clock attention. Because the family loves her so very much, everyone discussed it and, together, made the difficult decision to place her in an Ohio nursing home. Granted, it is expensive, but you only want what is best for her. This way, you can visit frequently and still see her often without worrying that something might happen while you are at work.

Nursing home negligence is grounds for a lawsuit

When you place your parent or other elderly family member in a nursing facility, you naturally expect your loved one to be properly cared for and to receive the special attention you may not be able to provide for him or her at home. Unfortunately, sometimes nursing home negligence leads to serious harm or even death to the facility's elderly residents.

What are the risk factors that could lead to elder abuse?

In Ohio as well as other states, far too many elderly individuals fall victim to abuse and neglect. Although the exact numbers are hard to nail down, reports indicate that thousands of elderly people are currently being abused in some fashion each year, and that number is only expected to increase.

Is Your Loved One At Risk Of Dehydration In The Nursing Home?

Not getting enough liquids does more than a make a person thirsty. Untreated, it can lead to a host of problems, including a weakened immune system, kidney damage, heart damage and even death. Unfortunately, dehydration is a critical concern in many long-term care facilities in Ohio and nationwide.

Recognize The Warning Signs Of Bed Sores Before Your Loved One Suffers

As her bed sores worsened, the 93-year-old woman grew sicker and sicker. Finally, when the putrid sores had grown so deep that they ate through her leg and exposed her shinbone, she left the nursing home and was admitted to the hospital.


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