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Keeping children safe around strange dogs in Cleveland

There is a big difference between owning a dog and encountering a dog out in public. You might have trained your dog and it behaves like it should, but you never know how well-trained other dogs are that you encounter. That's why it's best to always teach your children how to properly approach dogs they meet outside the home. Follow these tips and your children should be safe when they meet a new dog.

Dealing with a dog bite in Ohio

Being the victim of a dog bite can be an upsetting and traumatic experience. What's more, it is very common to be injured by the dog of a friend or a member of your community, so you may feel confused about what you should do about the situation, especially when you have had to pay for medical costs as a result.

Dog attacks can be emotionally traumatic

When someone experiences an attack from a dog, the first reaction from other people is likely to be questioning whether the person suffered any injuries as a result. However, often the victim of a dog attack does not suffer any injuries whatsoever, yet still becomes damaged by the traumatic experience for a long time to come.


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