Ohio fans of the Philadelphia Eagles may have heard about a football game at Lincoln Financial Field where a man died of a heart attack while watching the game. The brother of the deceased man is now filing a lawsuit against the football team.

The wrongful death claim explains that the 38-year-old man died of a heart attack while attending a game in September of 2019 between the Eagles and Detroit Lions. The brother of the deceased man, who is a physician, was attending the game also but was unable to reach his brother after the heart attack occurred. Another person attending the game attempted CPR.

The lawsuit alleges that National Event Services, the company tasked with emergency services for fans attending Eagles games, did not provide appropriate emergency services for the 65,000 people attending the Eagles game. The complaint says that the stadium was ill-equipped to help the fallen fan, who spent a significant amount of time after the heart attack without professional medical attention.

A lawyer for the family explains that it is inevitable for medical emergencies to occur when tens of thousands of fans are present in a stadium. The attorney said it is difficult to believe that stadium officials would not make sure to provide emergency services for the people who need them. The lawyer explained that the problem is made worse by the fact that the deceased fan suffered a heart attack in a section of the stadium reserved for disabled individuals. The family of the deceased football fan expressed hopes that the Eagles organization will remedy the problem that reportedly resulted in the lost life of their family member.

For individuals who lose their life due to the negligence or misconduct of another person or organization, a wrongful death lawsuit may become a vehicle their family members can use to receive compensation. Individuals and families who lost a family member due to the actions of a third-party may be able to secure the compensation they deserve by hiring a personal injury attorney.