Families file wrongful death case in Kobe Bryant helicopter crash

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Personal Injury - Plaintiff, Wrongful Death

When there is a fatal accident in Ohio or anywhere across the nation, the emotional aftermath will likely have a severe impact on the family left behind. Financial concerns may come to the forefront, and a legal filing might help to recover compensation for what was lost. A recent fatal accident involving basketball icon Kobe Bryant has resulted in multiple lawsuits filed by families who lost loved ones.

Mr. Bryant, his daughter and seven others died in the January helicopter crash. His widow, Vanessa, filed an earlier wrongful death lawsuit against the companies that owned and operated the helicopter. Now, two other lawsuits have been filed. One is by the remaining family of a college baseball coach who perished along with his wife and daughter. The other was filed by the family of the coach of the basketball team the teens played for. The helicopter was transporting the passengers to a basketball tournament.

The pilot, who also died, was not named in the lawsuit. The flight took off while it was foggy in Los Angeles, so the owner and operator are accused of negligence and carelessness. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated the accident and determined that the crash did not occur because of engine failure. In addition, a news report discovered that the pilot was not certified to fly in the conditions that day.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when it happens in a preventable accident, people want answers. Perhaps it was due to an error, there was negligence or recklessness, or some other mistake was made. Whether the accident occurred on a plane, in a helicopter, in a car, on a motorcycle or as a pedestrian, it can be costly in myriad ways. Calling a personal injury law firm for a consultation about a wrongful death claim may be beneficial to filing a case and successfully recovering compensation.