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January 2020 Archives

Why didn't nursing home staff notice your loved one left?

If you are asking this question, you aren't alone. Residents have wandered away from nursing homes right under the noses of the staff across the country. Some of these incidents end well, but others do not. Some residents suffer serious or fatal injuries. Many of the patients who wander away from their safe area suffer from dementia.

Nursing home injuries due to falls could be inaccurately reported

When an Ohio family places a loved one in a nursing home, they expect there to be professional treatment and proper care. However, nursing home injuries can happen for various reasons, including falls. If there has been an injury, it is important that a full investigation be conducted to determine what happened.

Using caution while driving when the weather outside is frightful

It might come as no surprise that the presence of adverse weather can have a significant influence on your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. With even the slightest amount of snow or ice on Ohio roads, driving conditions can become somewhat hazardous and staying at home may seem preferable.

Ikea pays $46 million in lawsuit involving death of toddler

Ohio residents who own Ikea furniture may be aware of the safety hazards that some of these products are said to pose. Recalls of Ikea furniture as well as injury claims relating to them have not been infrequent. Early in January 2020, a wrongful death lawsuit against Ikea has ended in a $46 million settlement to a California family whose 2-year-old boy died back in 2017 after an Ikea Malm dresser fell on him.

Recognize the long-term costs of a traumatic brain injury at work

Getting knocked on the head with a falling object or landing on your head in a fall off a ladder are just two of the many ways that you can end up with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the job. Unfortunately, too many people try to "walk it off" when they're hurt -- not realizing that they've suffered damage that will affect their lives far into the future.


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