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December 2019 Archives

Mount Carmel doctor faces lawsuits, 25 counts of murder

Ohio residents have likely heard about the scandal involving a doctor of the Mount Carmel Health System. The doctor, who was fired in December 2018, has been connected with the deaths of at least 34 patients in the intensive care unit over a five-year period. These patients were given a fatally high dosage of the opioid fentanyl at the doctor's orders.

What's the 'hours of service' rule truckers have to follow?

The trucking industry is very demanding, and drivers have long been pushed into working as much as possible for their companies. The surging popularity of online shopping and an aging workforce have increased the demands being placed on trucking companies and drivers even more. In many cases, drivers were being asked to spend a dangerous number of hours behind the wheel.

Registered nurse accused of diluting morphine in nursing home

Nursing home residents in Ohio and around the country often rely on medications like morphine to manage their pain, and they can suffer greatly when these drugs are interfered with. This is what prosecutors say happened at a Virginia nursing home in August 2018. A Maryland man who was employed by the Chesapeake facility as a supervisory registered nurse has been indicted by a federal grand jury for tampering with a consumer product. He is said to have used saline solution to dilute the morphine prescribed to a patient.

Is something causing you to suspect nursing home neglect?

Perhaps, you've recently helped your elderly parent transition into nursing home residence. Then again, maybe your loved one has a been a resident at a particular facility for some time now. Either way, as an adult child of an Ohio nursing home resident, you no doubt understand what it's like to worry about your parent's well-being, especially if you can't visit as often as you'd like.


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