Why you should hire an attorney after a construction injury

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Do you really need an attorney after your injury on a construction site? Your friends, relatives and co-workers are urging you to get one, but you thought that workers’ compensation was meant to cover your losses. Your bosses certainly don’t think you need legal help.

Here’s when you may want to consider hiring an attorney:

1. Your injuries are severe.

If you have a minor injury that is likely to heal quickly, you may be able to navigate the system on your own with no trouble. If your injury is severe — or likely to leave you with permanent disabilities — you can be that your case is going to be complicated very quickly. It may also be necessary to look outside of the workers’ compensation system to see if a civil lawsuit is possible in order to fully meet your needs for the future.

2. You’re overwhelmed with the paperwork.

The paperwork and red tape involved with your claim can be overwhelming when you’re injured. Delays in treatment and technical denials make your situation even worse. An attorney can help eliminate red tape, get you the benefits you need and take the stress away.

3. You’re being pressed to settle.

Settling your claim means closing the door on any additional benefits you might need down the line. You should never let the insurance company involved in your case or your employer push you into settling early. In fact, a quick settlement offer and an insurance company’s anxious push to get you to sign are indications that you’re probably rightfully due more.

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