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November 2019 Archives

Why you should hire an attorney after a construction injury

Do you really need an attorney after your injury on a construction site? Your friends, relatives and co-workers are urging you to get one, but you thought that workers' compensation was meant to cover your losses. Your bosses certainly don't think you need legal help.

Don't end Thanksgiving with a dog bite injury

Heading to a relative's house for Thanksgiving is ultimately rewarding for a lot of people -- but for family pets, the holiday can turn into a stressful nightmare. The stress and excitement can easily overwhelm family pets. Cats are likely to hide, but an unrestrained dog might actually attack.

What to know about nursing home injury cases

Those who make a complaint against an Ohio nursing home will need to provide as much evidence as possible that the facility did something wrong. For instance, it is a good idea to show that a patient endured physical pain and suffering because of a nursing home's negligence. Those who file complaints will also want to show that an individual will incur future medical expenses because of an injury experienced while at a given facility.

How well can you trust the coroner's report about cause of death?

Your loved one just died rather suddenly at the hospital. The sudden change in his or her condition and the abrupt death rings wrong in your mind, but you aren't sure if someone made a serious mistake that led to your loved one's death or not.

What are the stages of pressure sores?

Pressure sores (also known as "bedsores") are a common problem among seniors and people who are suffering from conditions that leave them bedfast. The pressure of their own bodies against the mattress they're on literally causes the tissue in their skin and muscles to break down, causing painful sores that can turn necrotic very easily.


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