Be careful at fall festivals in Ohio

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It’s almost time for Oktoberfest events in Ohio and many other U.S. regions. Perhaps, you’re one of many residents throughout the state who eagerly anticipate the onset of fall, complete with sweater weather; beautiful foliage; crisp, cool temperatures; and, of course, fall festivals. Some say Oktoberfest is nothing more than a public drinking bash.

The fact is, however, you don’t have to consume alcohol at all to enjoy an October festival. Then again, if you have a beer or two, there isn’t necessarily a problem with that. It’s the people who get carried away and make irresponsible choices to drink and drive that place themselves and others at risk for automobile collisions and personal injuries.

Stay sober during Oktoberfest fun

There does seem to be a difference between alcohol served at Oktoberfest gatherings and the typical beer you might drink on a Saturday night at home. Most festival venues serve German style beer, which tends to have a higher alcohol content than other beer types. This is one of many reasons you’ll want to keep close tabs on how many drinks you consume, especially if you imbibe then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle to drive.

Seek assistance if you drink too much

Most Oktoberfest venues have medical aid tents set up. If you feel like you had one too many to drink and are unable to drive, you can visit an assistance tent for help. They can provide drinks of water and help you recover. You can also ask for help to secure other means of transportation so that you don’t get into legal trouble or cause a collision by driving.

Legal operation of a motor vehicle

In Ohio and most other states, it is illegal to drive a vehicle if your blood alcohol content level is .08 or higher. There are exceptions to the rule, and all licensed drivers must know and adhere to traffic laws pertaining to their own circumstances.

The problem is that you might not be the one who is driving drunk. If you leave a fall festival and another motorist hits you, you might suffer moderate to severe injuries. You might also later find out that the driver who hit you was intoxicated at the time. This type of situation often sparks financial distress, which is why accident victims may seek financial recovery for their losses in court.