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August 2019 Archives

What contributes to rollover accidents?

A rollover accident can be absolutely deadly -- no matter what type of vehicle you are in. Trauma is literally inflicted from all sides until the vehicle comes to a final stop. The more the vehicle rolls, the greater the likelihood of serious injury or death to the occupants.

Hotel Legionnaires' disease outbreak kills 1, leaves dozens sick

Ohio residents who travel may be interested to learn that a lawsuit was filed on Aug. 12 against an Atlanta hotel after one guest died and potentially dozens of others became sick due to a Legionnaires' disease outbreak. According to reports, the outbreak may have affected those who stayed at the downtown Atlanta hotel between June 22 and July 15.

Chemical restraints are a form of nursing home abuse

Watching your parent or loved one decline was difficult, and you had to make a difficult decision. Like many other people in Ohio, you came to the conclusion that an excellent nursing home would be the right place for your parent to live. You never thought that you would be dealing with allegations of nursing home abuse in the future.

Tesla sued over fatal crash involving Model 3 on Autopilot

Tesla has faced a wrongful death lawsuit before after one of its vehicles was involved in a fatal crash while on Autopilot. On Aug. 1, another lawsuit was announced. This should be of interest to drivers in Ohio because it shows that self-driving technology is still a long way from being perfected.


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