Wrongful death lawsuits: The pros and cons

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Wrongful Death

In Ohio, when someone dies as a result of another person’s negligence or deliberate act, certain surviving relatives are automatically assumed to suffer a deep loss. The spouse of the deceased is naturally left without his or her helpmate and companion. The children of the deceased are left without their parent’s love, support and guidance. The parents of the deceased are left without the care and assistance their child would have offered in life.

Just the same, the decision to file a wrongful death claim can be difficult for survivors. Here are the pros and cons that all survivors have to contend with when they mull over this option:

What are the cons of a wrongful death claim?

  • Nothing will change the fact that your loved one is gone.
  • You will likely have to talk about your loved one and your loved one’s death, which can be emotionally devastating.
  • You may feel conflicted about pursuing money over your loved one’s death because it may seem like you are somehow putting a price tag on their life.
  • It delays your ability to finish grieving and move on emotionally.

Despite these issues, there are some important reasons that people still proceed with wrongful death claims. They include:

  • It may be the only way to fully provide for your family, especially if your loved one left behind a lot of bills or was the primary wage earner for his or her family.
  • It may be a way for your loved one to have a legacy, especially if you decide to use the money charitably.
  • It may be the only way to hold the person or entity responsible for your loved one’s death accountable since many acts of negligence can’t be prosecuted as a criminal offense.
  • It may prevent other families from experiencing a similar loss if the consequences of your lawsuit provoke changes in a company’s behavior or policies that will prevent similar deaths.

Ultimately, each grieving family has to make the decision about whether or not to file a wrongful death suit on their own. Consider these points carefully, and explore our website for more information as you decide.