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May 2019 Archives

Reality TV star settles wrongful death lawsuit

Ohio residents who watch reality television programs may be familiar with Chris Soules. The 37-year-old Iowa resident was the star of the 19th season of the hit ABC show 'The Bachelor" and was a contestant on the 10th season of its sister show 'The Bachelorette." However, his career was dealt a severe blow in April 2017 when he was involved in a fatal car accident and then arrested for fleeing the scene.

Employee of Tiger Woods dies in crash, Woods faces lawsuit

Restaurant owners in Ohio may want to know about a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Tiger Woods because it concerns the duties that restaurants have toward employees. A 24-year-old employee at The Woods, a restaurant established by the golf star in Jupiter, Florida, was allegedly served an excessive amount of alcohol after his shift. This led to the employee fatally crashing his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette on Dec. 10, 2018.

1 more reason you should always 'buckle up' in a car

You know you're supposed to "buckle up" when you get in the car -- even for a short drive. If you happen to get into a car accident, your seat belt can save you from serious injury. It can also save you from unnecessary complications when you make a claim for compensation when the other driver is at fault for the accident.

Nursing home fines are less under the current administration

An incoming government administration may not only create new regulations; it may enforce existing regulations in a different way. Both methods of change can have a substantial impact for the entities regulated as well as the people the law is intended to protect. Some nursing homes in Ohio may be noticing a change in government policy by the Trump administration.


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