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April 2019 Archives

You may share the road with more drowsy drivers than you think

When traveling, you may not think too much about the fact that you share the road with drivers of various ages, experience and occupations. All of these and many other factors can affect how these individuals operate their vehicles. One issue that could span across a number of groups and pose a threat to everyone on the road is feeling drowsy while driving.

Boeing 737 MAX crashes result in legal trouble

On April 8, the brother of a victim in the March 10 crash involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 filed a lawsuit against the Boeing Company. This is just one example of the legal troubles that the aviation company faces in the wake of its two 737 MAX crashes. Ohio residents may remember that the March 10 incident, where the plane took a nosedive shortly after departing Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, killed 157 people.

Be on the lookout for drunk drivers in Ohio

You have no way of knowing what a nearby motorist is going to do at any given moment. You have the right, however, to reasonably expect those with whom you're sharing the road will adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Every licensed driver in Ohio and beyond is legally obligated to do so. Sadly, not every licensed driver complies. In fact, some make highly irresponsible choices to drink and drive or otherwise act with negligence or recklessness behind the wheel.

Weather Channel sued after fatal crash with storm chasers

Ohio residents may be familiar with the show "Storm Wranglers" and how its two stars died in a crash back in March of 2017. They were chasing a tornado in Texas when they apparently ran a stop sign and collided with a jeep driven by a 25-year-old storm spotter. The three individuals all were killed upon impact. The mother of the 25-year-old has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Weather Channel, the show's network, for $125 million.


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