Ohio doctor, nurses being investigated for 35 deaths

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Multiple families have come forward against an Ohio doctor who allegedly gave dozens of patients potentially lethal and excessive doses of pain medication. The doctor, who worked at Mount Carmel West or St. Ann’s, is currently under investigation for potentially ordering excessive medication for 35 patients. Many of the families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the doctor.

As part of the investigation, the Ohio Board of Nursing has sent notices to 25 nurses who worked at the hospital. The nurses allegedly administered the medication ordered by the doctor. The nurses who were named in the “Notice of Opportunity for Hearing” could potentially be disciplined as part of the review process.

The hospital announced that they reported a total of 48 pharmacists and nurses to the respective state licensing boards as part of the investigation. It may take up to four months in order for the boards to reprimand the medical workers. Consequences could range from a reprimand to loss of a license. The Attorney General’s office will oversee the review hearings. Until the hearings occur, the hospital has stated that the nurses will not be suspended and will be allowed to continue their employment as part of due process. The doctor’s license has been suspended pending the investigation.

Doctors have the responsibility to care for their patients appropriately. This includes ensuring that prescribed medications are the correct dosage. If a doctor was negligent when prescribing the medication and the patient’s condition worsened or the patient died as a result, the doctor may be responsible for the wrongful death of the patient. In this case, a lawyer may be able to help the families who filed wrongful death claims prove that the doctor acted negligently when ordering the excessive prescription dosages. The nurses and pharmacists may serve as witnesses to help prove this negligence and help the victim’s families receive medical and compensatory damages.

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