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March 2019 Archives

Ohio doctor, nurses being investigated for 35 deaths

Multiple families have come forward against an Ohio doctor who allegedly gave dozens of patients potentially lethal and excessive doses of pain medication. The doctor, who worked at Mount Carmel West or St. Ann's, is currently under investigation for potentially ordering excessive medication for 35 patients. Many of the families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the doctor.

Can you recognize the signs of nursing home abuse?

When an Ohio family places a loved one in a nursing home, it is with the assumption he or she will receive quality care. If you have had to make the difficult decision of moving a loved one to a long-term care facility, you understand how difficult it is to make that choice on behalf of someone else. You probably put in hours of research before choosing a facility that best meets your family member's specific needs.

Hazard communication plans for dangerous chemicals

Every construction team should have a hazard communication plan in place. Communication is the main method of defense against harm from chemical hazards for all construction workers. When your team doesn't realize the danger they're in while dealing with certain chemicals on the job, they aren't adequately protected.

Number of pedestrian deaths on the rise

A report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association says that the number of pedestrian fatalities during 2018 was the highest it has been since the year 1990. People traveling in vehicles or walking near roadways in Ohio should be aware of the statistics. According to the study, the number of pedestrian fatalities has increased 51.5 percent since 2009, when there were 4,109 such incidents. In 2018, pedestrian deaths accounted for 16 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Spring is coming: Are you eager to ride your motorcycle?

If you're one of many motorcycle enthusiasts in Ohio, you're probably itching to take your first springtime ride in 2019. After a bitter cold, long, snowy winter, the thought of getting on your bike and riding down the highway on a bright, sunny day makes you feel energized and excited. Like all good cyclists, you've been checking your motorcycle and making sure it's in good shape to ride.


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