You’re at risk on Ohio roadways due to electronic device usage

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Driving in Ohio is definitely more challenging in 2019 than it might have been 50 years ago. Posted speed limits are much higher than they were back then, and you’ve likely noticed a substantial increase in the number of cars on the road at any given time. Whether you’re a new driver or have been behind the wheel for decades, you’re at risk for injury every time you travel by motor vehicle.

Certain situations, however, greatly increase your chances of becoming involved in a collision and possibly suffering personal injury. Distracted driving is problematic in this state and most others. It doesn’t matter how alert and cautious you are, if a nearby driver is texting or otherwise not paying attention to the task at hand, you may be the one to suffer if he or she crashes into your vehicle. Using electronic devices while driving is dangerous and against the law in many states.

Hands-free doesn’t mean danger-free

You’ve likely heard someone say, or perhaps yourself have said, that it’s okay to have a phone conversation while driving as long as you’re using a hands-free device. Current crash analyses show that hands-free electronic equipment still poses significant distraction that often leads to serious, if not fatal, vehicular collisions. The following list shows many situations that people think are safe to do while driving, which may actually not be:

  • Listening to audio instructions from an electronic navigation system
  • Looking at the screen of a navigation system
  • Accessing or surfing the internet through voice command
  • Using voice-to-text software
  • Participating in a workplace meeting through a hands-free device

If a nearby driver is concentrating on a conversation he or she is having with a boss or co-workers instead of the road ahead and his or her immediate surroundings, his or her distraction may land you in the back of an ambulance if a sudden collision occurs. Ohio rescue workers often report that injury-causing accidents involve distraction that includes hands-free electronic devices.

Other forms of distraction

Surprisingly, many motorists still use hand-held cell phones and other electronic devices while driving even though there are laws prohibiting such behavior in most states. If you witness a nearby driver texting, or taking selfies or video behind the wheel, it is a definite sign that you and all others sharing the road are in danger.

If you suffer injury because of driver distraction

Knowing that your injuries were preventable were it not for another driver’s distraction can intensify the emotional trauma you experienced when his or her car collided with yours. There is no reason you should have to carry the full financial burden associated with the incident. This is why Ohio law allows injured accident victims to seek restitution in civil court by filing personal injury claims against those deemed liable for their suffering.