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January 2019 Archives

Take care, Ohio residents, on those snowy roads!

Northeast Ohio has been hit pretty hard so far in 2019 with some capricious weather. Residents have been dealing with a wild mixture of sleet, freezing rain, heavy snows and bitterly cold temperatures that get followed almost immediately by sudden warm snaps -- only to start the cycle all over again.

More professionals required to report elder abuse

Many people in Ohio may have serious concerns about placing their parents or other elderly loved ones in a nursing home due to the potential for abuse. This is of particular concern as elder abuse often goes unreported, even after people see evidence that older people are being mistreated or neglected. In September 2018, state law changed to require many more groups of people to report elder abuse if they witness suspicious incidents. Among those required to report abuse include lawyers, physicians, counselors and employees of nursing homes and hospitals. However, ambulance drivers, accountants, real estate brokers, bank employees and financial planners are now also required to report abuse.

Medical workers accused of giving woman lethal dose of painkiller

A doctor, pharmacist and nurse in a Columbus, Ohio, hospital stand accused of giving a fatal dose of fentanyl, a narcotic painkiller more potent than morphine, to an elderly woman in order to hasten her death. According to allegations made in a wrongful death lawsuit -- and admissions by the hospital -- that patient may have been one of 26 patients total that were given excessive doses of the drug as they lay dying.

The duty of a nursing home to prevent patient falls

One common reason why families place their loved ones in nursing homes is for their own protection. Elderly parents may become forgetful or confused. They may be unable to cook for themselves, forget to take their medicine or neglect their own hygiene. Your parents may fit this description. Additionally, many older parents become unsteady and require the kind of attention and care you cannot provide because of your own obligations.

Zoo intern fatally injured by escaped lion

Anyone in Ohio or elsewhere in the country working around animals faces certain inherent dangers that could result in serious or fatal personal injuries. This is exactly what happened to a 22-year-old intern in North Carolina. The woman was cleaning an animal enclosure at a zoo when the incident occurred. According to a statement by the zoo, lions were somehow allowed to get out of a locked space and into the area where the routine cleaning was taking place. It was one of these lions that attacked and fatally injured the worker.

Addressing nursing home abuse and neglect

Many older people reach a point at which they can no longer take care of themselves or safely remain in their homes. As a result, they may need admitting to a nursing home or similar care facility. You may have recently admitted your elderly loved one into the care of such an establishment. The decision may have been difficult, but you knew you could not provide the care your loved one needed.


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