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December 2018 Archives

Contract construction workers face higher risks of electrocutions

Many Ohioans are employed in the construction industry, which often involves working with or around electricity. It's important to understand that construction workers who work near or around electricity face heightened risks of suffering electrocutions.

Tips for handling a sliding vehicle on icy roads

With winter upon the Ohio area, many people are making various preparations. From completing tasks relating to winterizing their houses to preparing for the holidays, most individuals find themselves busy this time of year. Numerous tasks they complete are related to preventing issues that could result from winter weather.

Ladder safety points to consider on construction sites

In Ohio and across America, the number of injuries involving ladders has increased in recent decades. According to OSHA, the majority of these injuries occurred because workers were not given adequate training on how to use ladders safely. For instance, they were not shown how to place the ladder or how to make sure that it was in good working condition before climbing on it.

Accident with truck leaves Ohio woman struggling

A single mother to three young children in Ohio is struggling to regain some sense of normalcy in her life following a devastating accident with a truck on Nov. 1, 2018. The woman was traveling on U.S. 50 when a dump truck suddenly crossed into her lane, giving her nowhere to turn and no time to avoid a head-on collision.

Pit bulls involved in deadly attack in Ohio on other dogs

Officials with the Franklin County Animal Control office are asking an Ohio judge to apply the "dangerous dog" label to three dogs that were involved in a deadly attack on two other dogs. The attack has largely horrified the community of Gahanna, Ohio, because the dogs that were killed were inside their own home at the time.


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