Winter road conditions and negligence: A deadly combination

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If you’ve lived through one or more Ohio winters, you understand how cold and snowy it can be. You might be one of many who look forward to such things, perhaps eagerly awaiting cold-enough temperatures for sitting by a fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book or someone special to snuggle. However, your love of all things wintry might quickly disappear once you take to the roadway and wind up in highway traffic alongside a negligent driver.  

If you’re used to navigating winter roads, you no doubt employ numerous safety precautions to help lower your risk for collision. The only problem is that you have no guarantee that every other driver will do the same. One moment of negligence is all it takes to cause collision, and a single collision can cause you injuries that have immediate and possibly, permanent consequences.  

Never overlook these issues 

Don’t ever assume the that the factors you consider no-brainers for safety when road conditions are poor are central focuses of the other travelers sharing your path. You might be surprised at how far removed from safety some people’s thoughts are while driving. The following list shows several of the most critical factors toward winter road safety in Ohio:  

  • Speed: If you drive at highway speeds on icy or slippery roads, you greatly increase your chance of collision. In fact, it is typically best to travel at speeds under 45 miles per hour when road conditions are compromised. 
  • Reacting in a skid: If a driver panics or simply has no knowledge regarding how to steer out of a skid, the driver and all others nearby are in harm’s way. The best way to resolve a spin-out situation is to steer in the direction the rear of your vehicle is sliding. 
  • Hills are especially dangerous: If you can find an alternate route that doesn’t include hills, you’ll be much safer when there is snow, slush or ice on the road. 
  • Stopping isn’t always the best choice: It is admirable to want to help stranded drivers you may pass on a roadway during winter conditions. However, it is generally best to notify 911 and allow rescue workers to do their job. If you stop, it may lead to more problems, such as becoming stranded yourself or having another car hit your vehicle or you. 

If you’ve ever been in traffic when another driver blows through a stop sign or red light, you know how frustrating (and dangerous) it can be. If someone does this when road conditions are poor, it is a recipe for disaster. Injuries suffered in icy road collisions are often fatal. If you survive a winter accident, your recovery may be long and arduous.  

Did someone’s negligence cause your injury? 

The last thing you should have to worry about while trying to heal from the physical and emotional trauma of a crash is medical bills or other expenses related to the incident. Since winter conditions make driving more challenging, those who get behind the wheel must take extra care to adhere to all safety and traffic regulations.