Training can help prevent ladder falls

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Construction Accidents

Falls involving ladders are one of the most common causes of injuries on construction sites. It has been reported that over 300 people die each year from falls on ladders in the United States and many more suffer from severe injuries. It is believed that many of these falls can be prevented through better training and safety standards.

If you work in the construction industry, it is a good idea to become more aware of how ladder falls can be prevented. It is also useful to understand your right to compensation if you are involved in such an incident.

What types of training can help prevent ladder accidents?

It has been shown that choosing the right ladder for the situation can drastically prevent ladder falls. Therefore, construction workers should be trained in understanding how weight ratings, ladder material, ladder length and ladder style can impact the safety and suitability of the equipment.

What else can be done to prevent ladder falls?

Your employer should ensure that all parts of the ladder are inspected frequently as part of an official safety maintenance procedure.

What can I do if I have been injured from a ladder fall at work?

If you have been injured at work due to an accident on a ladder, it is likely that you have suffered both physically and financially. It is important to note that filing a workers’ compensation claim should help you recoup these damages.

Make sure that you report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. They have the duty to provide to with the appropriate workers’ compensation forms.