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September 2018 Archives

Liability after a boating accident

During the summer months in the state of Ohio, many people take recreational boat trips on Lake Erie. While most of these trips are incident-free, unfortunately, accidents have been known to occur, and sometimes boat accidents do end in a person suffering serious injuries or even death.

Expanded distracted driving ban aims to address Ohio’s problem

The state passed legislation expanding the ban on distracted driving beyond just texting while driving. When Ohio police officers pull over drivers, they can ticket those drivers for distracted driving behaviors like talking on the phone, putting on makeup or anything else that takes their eyes off the road. The law goes into effect in late October, and offenders must pay up to a $100 fine or enroll in a distracted driving course.

Dementia and nursing home neglect and abuse

Watching your loved one struggle with dementia is painful and confusing. Those who suffer from dementia are at increased risk of abuse because their mental abilities are impaired. Indicators of elder abuse may overlap with mental deterioration, but this does not make it less important to listen to your loved one when it comes to potential abuse.

How nursing homes should benefit residents

Nursing homes exist with the intention of maximizing the quality of life of elderly and vulnerable people, like those who are suffering from ill health. They should impose regulations and ways of caring that reduce suffering and increase comfort. While in the vast majority of cases, nursing homes manage to achieve just this, vulnerable people may suffer at the hands of abusive or neglectful staff.

Dog attacks are associated with significant financial damages

While many domesticated animals are well-trained and calm under all circumstances, some can present real dangers to people, both in public and at home. Dogs have been known to cause serious injuries and even death when they attack humans. In general, dog owners can be held legally liable for damages caused by their pets.

The danger of cat bites

Ohio residents should know that while cat bites may seem like minor injuries, they can actually lead to serious conditions. The reason for this is that cats make small, deep wounds that seal over quickly and essentially trap the bacteria from the cat's mouth inside the wounds. Cats carry a range of bacteria that can cause tissue infections.


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