Why are so many nursing homes understaffed in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home residents must live in supervised accommodation for a reason: because they are not well enough to be capable of caring for themselves and living independently. Therefore, the nursing home resident has a reliance of the staff in the nursing home to be provided with adequate care. Unfortunately, it has been reported that 90 percent of nursing homes across the United States do not have the adequate amount of staff employed.

Understaffing in nursing homes is a huge issue, and it effects the health and well-being of thousands of nursing home residents across the country, including in the state of Ohio.

Why is the problem such a big one?

Ultimately, the reason why the issue is such a huge epidemic is simply because nursing homes across the country want to cut their costs in order to make as much profit as possible. It is a sad fact that this leads to poor hygiene care for residents, which can lead to infection and serious illness as a result. Nursing home employees also become overworked as a result of trying to care for so many residents, and due to this high-pressure working environment, they are more likely to lose their temper or act aggressively. Nursing home residents also have less time to socially interact with their caregivers, and this can leave them feeling neglected and unloved.

If you believe that your loved one is suffering because an Ohio nursing home is understaffed, it is important to take action so that the home is kept accountable for its actions.