Nursing home residents have a right to emotional care

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Nursing Home Injuries

While we often think about nursing home crimes being related to physical or sexual abuse, as well as neglect such as failing to give residents adequate hygiene care, there can also be subtler but just as degrading types of neglect, such as a failure to provide emotional care. All residents in nursing homes have the right to feel safe and supported, and when nursing home caregivers show a distinct lack of this, it can show its effects in profound ways.

Failure to give nursing home residents the most basic support and emotional care can lead to extremely severe consequences, and residents can experience depression and anxiety because of this treatment. In addition, they can see a deterioration in their health if they are going through such emotional stress and being neglected in such a way.

What are some of the ways in which nursing home residents can suffer from emotional neglect?

Sadly, one of the most common ways in which nursing home residents suffer from emotional neglect is through isolation. Residents are very likely to suffer profoundly as a result of being left alone in their room for long periods of time. In extreme cases, neglect victims have been known to have been restrained in their beds or punished by being denied any social interaction.

Some of the key indicators of emotional neglect in nursing homes can be established by observing the way that your loved one is feeling. If he or she is feeling depressed and you have reason to believe that they are not getting adequate care, it may be time to take action.