Reasons why construction accidents happen in Ohio

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry is an important one for the Ohio economy. It is also a very dangerous industry in which to work. Even the most experienced construction workers can find themselves injured in an accident on the job. These accidents can typically be avoided, especially if the construction site has safety policies and procedures in place to protect employees. We will examine some of the reasons why construction accidents occur in Cleveland.

A big reason why construction accidents happen is due to improper training. All employees need to be properly trained before stepping foot onto a construction site. If they are not they could suffer an injury due to an accident that is either their fault or the fault of someone else on the site.

Another reason for construction accidents is that the safety policies or procedures of the construction site are not clear or do not exist. When this is the case the company needs to update the policies immediately and post them for all employees to read and understand.

Construction accidents are also caused by improper supervision. There should be a foreman or other manager located on the construction site at all times. If it is a large site, there should be multiple people in charge to look over multiple groups of employees.

When the personnel files of employees are not updated this can lead to construction accidents. Improper record-keeping could mean that an employee who isn’t trained to operate a forklift winds up doing so, causing an accident in the process.

As you can see, the majority of the reasons mentioned in this post can be avoided. Make sure you and your co-workers are safe at all times when working at a construction site in Cleveland, Ohio.