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Can you identify safety hazards in construction?

There are many safety hazards on construction sites that can injure workers and others in close proximity to the sites. If you are on or near a job site, it's vital to your health and well-being to be able to identify and avoid common safety hazards.

Below are some safety breaches to beware of as you work on the job.

Dangerous extension cords

All cords should have grounding plugs. When extension cords crack and the insulation gets damaged, they need to be replaced. Cords should always be run off of the ground to deter tripping accidents.

Housekeeping fails

Is the area cluttered with debris that could present tripping hazards? Have materials been stacked dangerously high in work areas? If so, the problems need to be immediately addressed before somebody gets hurt.

Uncovered electrical panels

Electrical boxes and panels must be covered to prevent electrical shocks. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) for portable power tools must be used.

Scaffolding dangers

Elevated working areas should be planked and have hand rails, mid rails and toe boards. Workers should never ascend on the outside of scaffolding or attempt to climb ladders toting materials or tools. That's what hoist lines are for.

Inadequate lighting

Under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, construction sites require illumination minimums of five foot-candles. Anything less than that poses risks to workers who may be unable to see well enough to safely carry out their duties.

The above safety hazards are just the tip of the iceberg on construction sites. The presence of heavy equipment and power tools make these sites inherently dangerous workplaces, but if companies are lax or neglient about enforcing safety regulations, lives can be irrevocably altered by injuries and deaths. If the worst happens and you get hurt on-site, you may need to take legal action to be compensated.

Source:, "Identifying Construction Hazards," accessed March 02, 2018

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