Preventing Forklift accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Construction Accidents

Forklifts are well-known, as they are present on almost all construction sites. Although most construction workers are familiar with the way they are operated and the safety risks associated with them, they are still responsible for roughly 100 deaths each year, as well as around 62,000 minor injuries and 35,000 major injuries.

Therefore, it’s important that construction site managers and construction workers are constantly considering additional ways to ensure safety around forklifts. The following issues are some of the most common in forklift accidents.

Using a forklift in an enclosed area

Many forklift drivers make the mistake of driving a forklift within an enclosed area that does not have proper ventilation. This means that the carbon-monoxide that the forklift emits can poison people within the area. Carbon-monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

Improper loading

A shocking 14 percent of all accidents involving a forklift are due to improper loading of the vehicle. This can cause the vehicle to tip over and crash. There have also been situations involving extreme negligence where a driver has tried to lift a person using a forklift. This should never be attempted.

Inadequate forklift maintenance

Forklifts should be well-maintained and frequently inspected by professionals. Just as any other vehicle, they need to be serviced regularly to prevent any major faults and accidents from occurring. Forklift operators should also be regularly trained to keep their skills current.

Forklift accidents are often due to negligence, and there are many precautions that can be put into place to prevent forklift accidents from happening on construction sites.

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