Ladders, stairways could pose fall risks on construction sites

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Completing construction projects may leave you feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. As a worker in this industry, you often get to see your efforts take shape and allow an area to grow. However, you also likely know that your job duties put you at serious risk of falling and suffering injuries that could have lasting impacts.

Falls are a common injury-causing incident on construction sites. Though you could potentially avoid this type of event with proper safety measures, you may overlook some hazards, and you could end up as the victim of a serious fall accident. Still, you may want to remain on the lookout for situations that could put you at risk.


Ladders typically make up part of the standard equipment used on construction sites. Many of your work-related duties likely take place off the ground, and ladders can help you more easily reach necessary heights. However, issues with the ladder or misuse of the tool could result in your falling and suffering injuries. In hopes of avoiding such an incident, you may want to take the following precautions:

  • Use the correct size and type of ladder for the job
  • Inspect the ladder for damage
  • Adhere to ladder load capacities
  • Ensure that the proper security of the ladder

If you use a ladder that does not provide you with enough height to reach the desired area, you may attempt to stretch farther in hopes of making it work. However, this action could make yourself and the ladder unstable, which could result in a fall.


You may also need to utilize stairways to reach your work area. While stairs may seem like a standard method of moving to a higher level, stairways can still pose hazards. If the areas become blocked by equipment or debris, you could easily trip. Additionally, if chemicals or other materials spill on the stairs, this issue could also present a slipping hazard. If you or other workers install temporary stairways, you will need to ensure the proper installation of the stairs.

Dealing with injuries

Unfortunately, many other common construction tools and site layouts could present fall risks. Even if you take precautions and do your best to remain safe, you could still fall and suffer serious injuries. In such cases, you may wonder whether workers’ compensation could assist you financially. Obtaining information on these benefits may help you determine what steps you may need to take in hopes of gaining such assistance.