What to do following a Cleveland car crash

Driving is a major part of our lives. Whether commuting to work, running the children between activities or on errand runs, our cars get us where we need to go. A motor vehicle accident changes all of that in an instant. Accidents happen quickly and oftentimes when least expected.

What you do after the car accident will affect how soon you can get back to normal. There are also wrong moves that can limit your recovery.

Assess the Situation

In any accident, it is important to stay at the scene. Driving away can have serious criminal penalties especially if someone is injured and their condition deteriorates when they do not receive immediate help.

Immediately after the accident, check to make sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay. Call an ambulance, if anyone is unresponsive or complains of injury. Those who have suffered an injury should not be moved until medical personnel arrive.

Even when there are no serious injuries, it is important to call law enforcement.

Get a Police Report

When there is significant property damage or a physical injury, you should contact police. Ask for the contact information of the responding officers and request a copy of the final police report.

You will also need to exchange information with the other driver. In some cases, it may also be best to wait for police to arrive before doing so. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, emotions can run hot. Be careful what you say before police arrive. For example, an apology could be taken as an admission of guilt down the road.


Almost every cellphone comes equipped with a camera. Taking pictures of the position of the cars and damage to each vehicle at the scene can be valuable in determining what caused the accident.


If other people witnessed the accident, whether walking on foot or in other vehicles that stop to help, get their contact information. It can be valuable to a later investigation to speak with witnesses who might have observed what occurred.

Accidents happen so quickly that it can be difficult to figure out what happened. It is important to remain calm following the accident and get as much information as possible.

When it appears that the negligence of another driver caused the crash, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney, who can discuss the individual facts of your accident and ensure you receive fair compensation for physical injuries and property damage.