$10.12 million

The injured Plaintiff ultimately received $10,123,652.95 and her husband received $600,000. This was a medical malpractice case against Parma Hospital when she was given an unnecessary test called cerebral arteriography which caused a spinal cord infarction and permanent quadriplegia.

$3.4 million

Brain damaged baby verdict due to delays in delivery

$2.1 million

Jury verdict for our client who suffered a herniated disc from an automobile collision.

$2.057 million

40 year old man who was side swiped in an automobile collision by a truck. He didn't treat for six weeks then had some therapy and finally had an MRI showing a herniated disc in his low back. Surgery was not until 2 1/2 years after the collision which was not a severe collision. The low back surgery failed and he could not work any longer in the factory. The defense hired Susan Stevens to say it was a 3 — 6 month soft tissue injury. They offered $200,000 and the verdict was $2,057,000 plus PJI.

$2 million

Jury verdict for the wrongful death of a 17 year old child who died in a car crash

$2 million

Wrongful death verdict of a young man who died from medical malpractice during surgery

$1.9 million

Wrongful death case. 17 year old boy was killed as a passenger when the 18 year old driver who was his next door neighbor and friend lost control of the car and crashed it. Offer was $250,000. Verdict was $1,800,000 and the defense paid $1,900,000 considering the PJI and 10% comparative negligence.

$1.8 million

Resolved a case in Butler County, Ohio. He was about 29 years old and had low back surgery. About a year later he was hurt when a door at a warehouse came off its tracks and fell on him. The defense of course disputed causation and we ultimately settled for $1,800,000.

$1.75 million

A pledge at a Kent State University fraternity. Under a very unusual hazing statute, we settled his case for $1,750,000. He was a quadriplegic with only slight movement of his arms and legs. Liability was very difficult because of his comparative negligence.

$1.75 million

Male injured at work when a warehouse door fell on him that required him to have 3 back operations

$1.75 million

20 year old student was "hazed" at college while pledging for a fraternity. Our client suffered spinal injuries that caused quadriplegia

$1.42 million

Wrongful Death of 69 year old mother of two from an automobile collision

$1.35 million

Man injured at the airport in a construction related issue when the swing gate on a dump truck broke lose due to a defective weld. He had a Cl Jefferson Burst Fracture requiring a Halo. I settled for $1,350,000.

$1.35 million

45 year old man was injured while working at the airport when a crane struck him causing a cervical fracture

$1.055 million

Woman was involved in a T-bone automobile collision involving soft tissue shoulder injury. She had chronic pain. With about $10,000 in bills, insurance company offered $50,000. Verdict was $1,055,000 as the jury bought permanency.

$1.05 million

Automobile collision where our client suffered a soft tissue shoulder injury. Her medical bills were only $5,000

$1 Million

A 63 year old female in poor health wrongfully died at a hospital when the hospital staff failed to properly deflate her respiratory cuff cutting off her oxygen. She died from asphyxia.

$1 Million

Man had a soft tissue elbow injury with was a contracture of his elbow from an automobile collision with a Cleveland Heights Detective. Stacy taught tennis. The offer was $50,000 and the verdict was $1,000,000.

$1 million

Product liability case

$1 million

Medical malpractice case involving a man who suffered an aneurysm and died at home after he was released by the hospital

$1 Million

Wrongful Death of 19 Year old college student from an automobile collision with an unlicensed driver

$1 Million

Our client suffered "soft tissue" injuries in an automobile collision and the jury awarded damages for future lost income


Negligence against homeowner


Man was in a rear-end collision. He was 25 years old and sustained a lumbar herniated disc which was operated. He returned to work one month after surgery as a construction supervisor. Hartford offered $262,000. Verdict was $895,400 but they paid almost a million dollars with PJI.


25 year old client suffered lumbar herniated disc which required surgery. The court awarded pre-judgment interest because the insurance company did not make a reasonable offer prior to trial


Woman in an automobile collision when a truck knocked her car off the road. She had shoulder surgery and a neck herniation without surgery. Causation was disputed. Offer was $20,000 and the verdict was $859,000 which was paid. The verdict was in 2002.


Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery and she also suffered a cervical injury that did not require surgery


Wrongful Death drowning of 15 year old non-swimmer in an apartment pool


Client was in 2 automobile collisions that we combined into one lawsuit and fortunately with the second impact, there was a lot of insurance. He had low back surgery. The two companies offered $100,000 and the verdict was $602,000.


Verdict against a bus company for a sexual assault on a school bus


Sexual assault in the workplace