$10.12 million

I worked with my father for about five years on the Stelma case which was the biggest medical malpractice verdict in Ohio at the time (August 1992). The injured Plaintiff ultimately received $10,123,652.95 and her husband received $600,000. This was a medical malpractice case against Parma Hospital when she was given an unnecessary test called cerebral arteriography which caused a spinal cord infarction and permanent quadriplegia.

$5.7 million

Product liability verdict in a bellweather MDL trial against the welding industry

$3.4 million

Brain damaged baby verdict due to delays in delivery

$2.057 million

40 year old man who was side swiped in an automobile collision by a truck. The verdict was in 2004. He didn't treat for six weeks then had some therapy and finally had an MRI showing a herniated disc in his low back. Surgery was not until 2 1/2 years after the collision which was not a severe collision. The low back surgery failed and he could not work any longer in the factory. The defense hired Susan Stevens to say it was a 3 — 6 month soft tissue injury. They offered $200,000 and the verdict was $2,057,000 plus PJI.

$2.1 million

Jury verdict for our client who suffered a herniated disc from an automobile collision.

$2 million

Jury verdict for the wrongful death of a 17 year old child who died in a car crash

$2 million

Wrongful death verdict of a young man who died from medical malpractice during surgery

$1.9 million

Trial was 2005. Wrongful death case. 17 year old boy was killed as a passenger when the 18 year old driver who was his next door neighbor and friend lost control of the car and crashed it. Offer was $250,000. Verdict was $1,800,000 and the defense paid $1,900,000 considering the PJI and 10% comparative negligence.

$1.8 million

Resolved a case in Butler County, Ohio in 2001. He was about 29 years old and had low back surgery. About a year later he was hurt when a door at a warehouse came off its tracks and fell on him. The defense of course disputed causation and we ultimately settled for $1,800,000.

$1.75 million

A pledge at a Kent State University fraternity. Under a very unusual hazing statute, we settled his case for $1,750,000. He was a quadriplegic with only slight movement of his arms and legs. Liability was very difficult because of his comparative negligence.

$1.75 million

Male injured at work when a warehouse door fell on him that required him to have 3 back operations

$1.75 million

20 year old student was "hazed" at college while pledging for a fraternity. Our client suffered spinal injuries that caused quadriplegia

$1.42 million

Wrongful Death of 69 year old mother of two from an automobile collision

$1.35 million

Man injured at the airport in a construction related issue when the swing gate on a dump truck broke lose due to a defective weld. He had a Cl Jefferson Burst Fracture requiring a Halo. I settled for $1,350,000.

$1.35 million

45 year old man was injured while working at the airport when a crane struck him causing a cervical fracture

$1.055 million

Went to trial in 2004. Woman was involved in a T-bone automobile collision involving soft tissue shoulder injury. She had chronic pain. With about $10,000 in bills, insurance company offered $50,000. Verdict was $1,055,000 as the jury bought permanency.

$1.05 million

Automobile collision where our client suffered a soft tissue shoulder injury. Her medical bills were only $5,000

$1 Million

A 63 year old female in poor health wrongfully died at a hospital when the hospital staff failed to properly deflate her respiratory cuff cutting off her oxygen. She died from asphyxia.

$1 Million

Man had a soft tissue elbow injury with was a contracture of his elbow from an automobile collision with a Cleveland Heights Detective. Stacy taught tennis. The offer was $50,000 and the verdict was $1,000,000.

$1 million

Product liability case

$1 million

Medical malpractice case involving a man who suffered an aneurysm and died at home after he was released by the hospital

$1 Million

Wrongful Death of 19 Year old college student from an automobile collision with an unlicensed driver

$1 Million

Our client suffered "soft tissue" injuries in an automobile collision and the jury awarded damages for future lost income


Negligence against homeowner


Man was in a rear-end collision. He was 25 years old and sustained a lumbar herniated disc which was operated. He returned to work one month after surgery as a construction supervisor. Hartford offered $262,000. Verdict was $895,400 but they paid almost a million dollars with PJI. Verdict was in 2002.


25 year old client suffered lumbar herniated disc which required surgery. The court awarded pre-judgment interest because the insurance company did not make a reasonable offer prior to trial


Woman in an automobile collision when a truck knocked her car off the road. She had shoulder surgery and a neck herniation without surgery. Causation was disputed. Offer was $20,000 and the verdict was $859,000 which was paid. The verdict was in 2002.


Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery and she also suffered a cervical injury that did not require surgery


Wrongful Death drowning of 15 year old non-swimmer in an apartment pool


Trial was in October 2012. He was in 2 automobile collisions that we combined into one lawsuit and fortunately with the second impact, there was a lot of insurance. He had low back surgery. The two companies offered $100,000 and the verdict was $602,000.


Against a bus company for a sexual assault on a school bus


Sexual assault in the workplace


I tried a case with my father in 1985 where a car pulled out from a stop sign and knocked a motorcyclist off and broke his leg. The offer was $90,000 and we got a verdict of $514,000.


Product liability case involving a janitor who was injured when a backboard fell on him while working at the school


Settlement for an adult male with cerebral palsy who suffered a partial foot amputation due to neglect at a group home


Woman was a waitress at Olive Garden when a car ran into the side of the building. Rebecca fell onto her rear and herniated a disc in her low back which was not operated. Case went to trial in 2000. Offer was $13,000 and Tim Misny referred the case to me when his demand was $22,000. I told her to get the MRI which showed the herniated disc which Misny never knew about. No surgery. Even though the Allstate policy was only $100,000, the verdict was $350,000 and Allstate paid $420,000 because of PJI.


Man was accidentally shot in 1992. Cincinnati Insurance offered $50,000.The verdict was $410,000.


Woman was involved in an automobile collision where a truck hit her on the freeway and took off, The UM claim verdict on an offer of $37,000 for an aggravation of a ten year chronic low back pain problem was $379,000 plus we got $100,000 for bad faith.


54 year old male suffered herniated cervical discs that required surgery


23 year old college student suffered non-operative and lumbar herniated discs when struck from behind by a tow truck


88 year old female resident of nursing home choked on food and died five days later


Collision that resulted in a herniated cervical disc that required surgery


Our young client was injured in a rear end collision with minimal property damage. She sustained back injuries


77 year old Wrongful Death of nursing home resident due to malnutrition that resulted in significant weight loss and system failure


Nursing home resident aspirated on her own vomit and died ten days later


52 year old College professor from suffered comminuted fractures to his right arm and wrist after being struck by an underinsured motorist while walking in a crosswalk


78 year old resident of an "Assisted Living" facility fell out of bed and died ten days later