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Cleveland Premises Liability Lawyers

Representing Those Who Have Been Injured Due to Unsafe Conditions on Someone Else's Property

Rumizen & Weisman has represented hudreds of indiviuals in what is commonly referred to as premises liability cases.  These cases inlcude injuries that occur while on someone else's property.  Cases such as slip and falls, trip and falls, negligent security, negligent managmenet and sexual assaults all fall under the bandwith of premises liability.  Our track record in these types of cases is exceptional.

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Rumizen Weisman Attorneys

Rumizen Weisman is devoted to helping individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries.The firm focuses its practice on various personal injury matters including wrongful death cases, nursing home neglect, automobile collisions, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bite injuries, construction accidents, drownings, medical malpractice and slip and falls.The attorneys at Rumizen Weisman are all partners of the firm who are experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyers.Rumizen & Weisman is here to help.


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