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Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyers

Protecting the Rights of the New Born

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the highlights of a parent's life. As with all things, sometimes things go drastically wrong. There are situations in which this is unavoidable and no one person can be assigned fault, it is "just the way it is." Other times mistakes are made that put the lives of the baby and the mother at risk and they are situations that could have been averted with some thought on the part of the doctor or medical staff.

Some common causes of birth injury are:

  • Failure to respond to complications, conditions or disorders during a woman's pregnancy or during delivery
  • Improper use of medical devices
  • Failure to perform a necessary cesarean section in a timely manner
  • Improper assessment of a baby's overall health while in the uterus
  • Improper prescription of medication during pregnancy

All of these can cause damage that will affect the child and his or her parents for the rest of his or her lives. This is the time to get a lawyer.

Rumizen & Weisman, Attorneys at Law, work with medical experts to show conduct below a generally accepted standard of medical care and knows how to approach these cases of OB-GYN liability in Ohio with compassion for the victims and build a strong case against the medical professional or institution.

Contact Rumizen & Weisman at 888-732-1018 to discuss the negative events of your baby's birth and resulting health problems.

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It has been estimated that five out of every 1000 deliveries will result in birth injury. In some of these cases, the injury is caused from unforeseen complications that the doctor deals with at the time and cannot have any other outcome. Other situations arise from the use of an improper medical technique or because of improper use of a medical device that could easily have been circumvented with some forethought on the part of the doctor or medical professional.

Cleveland birth injury attorneys Rumizen & Weisman understand the pain that both parent and child go through when these things happen. Frequently a parent will have to give up all hope of returning to work because of needing to care for a permanently injured child for the rest of his or her life. This results in lost income and increased medical bills, all of which could have been avoided if more care had gone into the delivery process. Rumizen & Weisman know how to evaluate and present these cases so that the medical practitioners are brought to justice and the family is adequately compensated.

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