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Case Results: Verdicts and Settlements

$5.7 million jury verdict: Product liability in a bellweather MDL trial against the welding industry.

$3.4 million settlement: Brain damaged baby due to delays in delivery.

$2.1 million jury verdict: Our client suffered a herniated disc from an automobile collision and he was unable to work from the accident.

$2 million jury verdict for the wrongful death of a 17 year old child who died in a car crash.

$2 million settlement: Wrongful death of a young man who died from medical malpractice during surgery.

$1.75 million settlement: Male injured at work when a warehouse door fell on him that required him to have 3 back operations.

$1.75 million settlement: 20 year old student was "hazed" at college while pledging for a fraternity. Our client suffered spinal injuries that casued quadriplegia.

$1.42 million settlement: Wrongful Death of 69 year old mother of two from an automobile collision.

$1.35 million settlement: 45 year old man was injured while working at the airport when a crane struck him causing a cervical fracture.

$1,055,000 jury verdict: Automobile collison where our client suffered a soft tissue shoulder injury. Her medical bills were only $5,000.

$1 million settlement:  Product liability case.

$1 million settlement: Medical malpractice case involving a man who suffered an aneurysm and died at home after he was released by the hospital.

$1 Million settlement: Wrongful Death of 19 Year old college student from an automobile collision with an unlicensed driver.

$1 Million jury verdict: Our client suffered "soft tissue" injuries in an automobile collision and the jury awarded damages for future lost income.

$900,000 settlemnet: Negligence against homeowner.

$895,400 jury verdict: 25 year old client suffered lumbar herniated discwhich required surgery. The court awarded pre-judgment interest because the insurance company did not make a reasonable offer prior to trial.

$600,000 jury verdict: Against a bus company for a sexual assault on a school bus.

$859,000 jury verdict: Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery and she also suffered a cervical injury that did not require surgery.

$750,000 settlement: Wrongful Death drowning of 15 year old non-swimmer in an apartment pool.

$580,000 jury verdict: Sexual assault in the workplace.

$480,829 jury verdict: Product liability case involving a janitor who was injured when a backboard fell on him while working at the school.

$379,000 settlement: 54 year old male suffered herniated cervical discs that required surgery.

$369,000 jury verdict: 23 year old college student suffered non-operative and lumbar herniated discs when struck from behind by a tow truck.

$350,000 settlement: 88 year old female resident of nursing home choked on food and died five days later.

$330,200 juryverdict: Motor vehicle collision that resulted in a herniated cervical disc that required surgery.

$325,000 verdict: Our young client was injured in a rear end collsion with minimal property damage. She sustained back injuries.

$300,000 settlement: 77 year old Wrongful Death of nursing home resident due to malnutrition that resulted in significant weight loss and system failure.

$285,000 settlement: Nursing home resident aspirated on her own vomit and died ten days later.

$278,000 settlement: 52 year old College professor from suffered comminuted fractures to his right arm and wrist after being struck by an underinsured motorist while walking in a crosswalk.

$255,000 settlement: 78 year old resident of an "Assisted Living" facility fell out of bed and died ten days later

$222,000 settlement: 14 year old female passenger suffered traumatic amputation to parts of three fingers on her dominant hand in roll-over automobile collision.

$237,500: 60 year old male fell off a haywagon that was in disrepair. Unfortuntely, when our client fell he fell onto a steel marker that was protruding from the ground resulting in a punctured lung that required surgery.

$225,000 settlement: Postal worker was injured when a loose dog attacked her causing a shoulder injuries.

$160,000 Verdict: 56 year old unemployed male suffered comminuted fracture to his leg in motorcycle collision.

$150,000 settlement: 22 year old male suffered right orbital fracture after being assaulted in bar fight.

$150,000 settlement: 58 year old waitress suffered torn medial meniscus and soft tissue low back injuries after falling at a chain restaurant due to a slippery floor caused by an employee.

$145,000 settlement: 54 year old male suffered torn ACL after being struck by a commercial vehicle while walking into a hardware store.

$134,000 settlement: 34 year old female suffered closed head injury after being struck while riding a motorcycle without a helmet, resulting in vertigo.

$130,000 settlement: 84 year old nursing home resident suffered a fractured hip after falling out of bed at nursing home.

$125,000 settlement: 78 year old male suffered stage 4 pressure sore ulcers to his feet, and sacrum while in a local nursing home.

$105,000 settlement: 24 year old suffered traumatic amputation of two toes after a self- propelled lawn mower failed to disengage upon release of the handles.

$100,000 settlement: 21 year old female suffered closed head injury from automobile collision by an uninsured motorist.

$95,000 settlement: 38 year old male suffered herniated cervical disc that required cervical fusion in low impact collision.

$91,500 verdict: 32 year old male suffered internal derangement of knee, fractured skull and lost his sense of smell after being struck by a vehicle while riding on his motorcycle.

$75,000 settlement: 64 year old pedestrian suffered torn rotator cuff after being struck by vehicle while crossing the street outside of the crosswalk.

$40,500 verdict: 29 year old female suffered grade I chondromalacia from automobile collision that required surgery.

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